We Invite You To ISLAM

Assalamu ‘alaikum.
Hi and welcome,

This website is dedicated especially to our not-yet-Muslim friends, so that they can learn from their friends’ experience of converting to ISLAM. The compilation of articles and videos in this website is based on their true stories published in various sources of books, magazines, websites etc. I hope this tiny effort can be an opening door for those who are interested in knowing about ISLAM, to unfold further and seek the truth of ISLAM.

We invite you to embrace ISLAM and may ALLAH guide us to the truth, ameen.

“…Verily, the Right Path has become distinct from the wrong path.” (Al-Qur’an 2:256)




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  1. Nourah Says:

    Very nice Blog … Best of luck in doing what you aim

    I thought this might help

    This is a website full of Famous and interesting people who converted to Islam ..From Singers , Models to Ministers from all over the world.

    There is the website


    May allah bless you all

  2. shahmuzir Says:

    Thank you Nourah…
    I really appreciate your visit and hopefully your effort in sharing articles on people converted to ISLAM (refering to the given website) would be blessed by ALLAH subhanahu wata’ala, insyaALLAH.

  3. Nur Says:

    May Allah bless you.

    Allahu akbar!

    Nur, Malaysia.

  4. zul Says:

    i’m very proud of this blog..
    keep goin’..

    KL, Msia

  5. Ainurislami Qlate Says:

    I’ m proud of this website.. very informative about Islam, to be exposed for all over countries. So that, they know the beautiful of ISLAM…

  6. shahmuzir Says:

    Nur, Zul & Ainurislami Kelate,
    Thank you for visiting this page. This page is not purposely to give information about ISLAM, but mainly to share with other people why ISLAM is the choice of people around the world who is seeking the truth & looking for the ultimate meaning of life.

    It can be a motivation tool to those who are interested in knowing about ISLAM to dig more information about the beauty of this system/faith/religion/way of life. They can find more information about ISLAM by asking other muslim people, visiting Islamic Centre or mosque at their place or maybe surf in the internet.

    This website is only a beginning for them. Hopefully it serves as an opening door into a better understanding about ISLAM.

    Please forward this website and other Islamic websites to our not-yet-muslim friends. May ALLAH highlights and guides us and them to His Right Path, insyaALLAH, amin.

    • fatema Says:

      I’m very proud of your website. I am Filipina who became muslim since 1986. i have friends filipinos who became muslims after i told them about Islam. I am very devoted to my religion and contented, but i want to help all my family but its not easy to tell them in philippine. Now im living in egypt, married egyptian religious man Elhamdulila. I have six children. I have my niece in philippine staying with me in my house ,and thanks God she became muslim after i deliver her all how Islam is the true RELIGION She becmae muslim this november 20, only and i am trying to support her. She was engage a filipino but she was happy to leave him for the sake of Islam. What i want to share my feeling to all my brothers and sisters in islam that this religion is the only right and more power to you to spread islam in all over the world.

      • Shahmuzir Says:

        Alhamdulillah. All praises be to ALLAH. May ALLAH The Almighty guide & bless you and your family, amin…

      • mohsin Says:

        aslamu alaikum

        Dear sister
        i didnot see you ever and also dont know where you live, but i beleave that you are a great woman of islam and i red about your efforts and hardwork for islam. I salute you. though i am living very far from you but you are very close to me in my prayers. I can’t share my feeling due to the cause of poor english, but i believe that feelings don’t need words i hope you will be understand what i want to say. Your life story made my faith strong and also make my relation strong with islam.

        May you and your faimly live long.

        Your brother.

      • furqan uddin ahmed Says:

        good to know, last year i went phillipine for preaching of islam, by the grace of ALLAH some people embraced islam inthe provience of PALAWAN.

  7. raIHaN Says:


    Every each new converts Muslim are like a new baby born..They are so clean..they has no such a sin..God has promise that He will change all the bad things become good..Subhanaullah..May God bless them all!..

    And keep up the good job to moderator and may this web become the motivation tools to the new Muslims..

    O’ God please forgive all the bad thing that i’ve and all muslims ever done wherether we realize or not..please spread the light to all Muhammad Ummah..

    raIHaN..Kuala Lumpur..Malaysia

  8. kalermerah Says:


    I hope all new converts Muslim will become a good Muslim….or even better than me !

    May Allah bless us all….Amin.

  9. Noora Says:

    My name is Noora Alsamman. I became a muslimah when I was 15 years old. (Ten years ago) My mom who is Syrian (family from Haleb) born in Detroit and my dad is an american with parents from polish/slovak background. I was also born in Detroit, Michigan. My grandma is maronite and mom catholic and dad catholic. When I was fifteen I wanted to be a nun. I was in my World History Class in highschool and we were studying all the major religions. When we got to Islam I was very much interested and there was an egyptian brother in my class who was correcting the teacher when he made mistakes and I thought wow he (the egyptian brother) must have strong faith to be able correcting the teacher like that.

    So one day I asked him what is the difference between catholicism and islam. He said not that much. Well I was not satisfied with his answer so I asked his mom if I could have a copy of the Qur’an in english. She gave me one and when I started to read it I couldn’t put it down. I just keep reading it and I knew it was from GOD. You just know there is NO way a man could write this. And me being a person who apprieciates poetry, so I loved it very much. I found it to be amazing. So
    I became muslimah in my heart. And then all the hardships started.

    I started praying and fasting, etc. My parents especially my mom started giving me a VERY hard time. Me being so young I imagined they would love Islam the same way I did, but for them it was completely different. They would take my hijab and sajadi (prayer rug) and my Qur’an and materials about Islam. My dad would search my room everyday. And I would hide my hijab in the closet. My mom started trying to forbid me from being friends with muslims and she would call my friend’s parents and tell them stop telling my daughter about islam, because “you are confusing her” she said.

    My parents made me go to church and I would just sit there thinking these people are SO lost and this priest how he lies to the people and reads from the bible only what he wants them to hear. And then manipulates the meaning. And one day my mom set up a conference with me and one of the priests. I would say I love Islam and why would you think something so beautiful is so bad? And he would tell me this and that and say some quotes from the bible. He even told me (I had a dream I was going to a muslim country and to the desert wearing hijab) he said this was from satan. Asturghfullah. This man
    looked like he had satan in him when he said this! I will never forget the look on his face. I asked Allah subhana wa t’ala to guide me.

    My mom would cook pork for me on purpose and say it was beef, but I checked the wrapper and it said pork. And my dad, who’s parents are polish/slovak ancestors would tell me in this house you are either catholic or you leave. I even had to hide my Qur’an in the air conditioning vent so they wouldn’t get it because they would throw it in the garbage. And they took the lock off my door so praying was VERY hard. They would make fun of me praying. I learned the prayers in arabi my self with a small prayer book.

    I can’t even explain to you how much it would hurt me that my parents were this way towards me and islam. So I started giving my sister 11 years younger than me dawah (explained to her about Islam). My parents told me if I don’t stop it, I had to leave. So I did but I told my sister many things and now she questions why catholics can’t just pray to God and why confession and many other things. Subhana Allah. So I said a prayer that when I was older I would practice islam totally. And I stopped praying for a while asturghfullah. I had no one to support me or give me guidance except my friend’s parents who said listen to your parents.

    My muslim friends didn’t understand what I was going through and they weren’t mature enough or knowledgable enough to teach me and answer the many questions I had. One day(20yrs old) while I was in college/university I called up the lady who had given me the Qur’an because I heard there was a masjid just built nearby. Because before then the closest masjid was 45min-1hr. away. She said they were having a dinner. So I went and when I heard the adhan (call for prayer) I just was so happy and cried. So I learned that you should make the shahada publicly so I did during Ramadhan and I made a commitment to be steadfast and not care what my parents or anyone else said or did. I felt I could relate at this point to Yunus a.s.
    who was in the belly of the whale. I was/am determined. So I stopped bad habits and left bad company. And surrounded myself with muslims.

    I started wearing hijab and my parents would say you are not going outside like that. But either I did anyway or wouldn’t go. And sometimes I would put on my hijab in my car so they wouldn’t see me because my mom would always say that islam ask to obey your parents, so you must listen to us. And she said you will not wear that thing on your head and you would wear shorts and be stylish. One time my mom didn’t want my sister’s friends to see me wearing hijab so her and my sister grabbed it off my head. And in defence I hit my mom. Asturghfullah. She told me I was selfish for wearing hijab and embaressing my sister and the whole family. She doesn’t like to be seen with me in public in the city she lives. And I really got a hard
    time from my grandma (sito). I would be praying sometimes and she would yell at me and said Don’t you hear me when I am talking to you. And tell me I look like an old woman wearing abaya and hijab. And Subhana Allah she even said one time she couldn’t believe Isa a.s. was born miraculously. THey would hear me praying the Qur’an and literally make fun and laugh and curse at the words Asturghfullah AlAdheem.

    My grandpa stopped talking to me, my mom told me to go to hell and so did my grandma. My mom even tried to take me to a psyciatrist when I was younger who happened to be yahood (a jew). She explained to him I had become a muslimah and he tried to give me psychotic medicine. I threw it in the garbage. SHU HAD? HUWA MAJNOON. Anyway, I found it VERY hard to
    study in school with all this craziness going on. I wanted to study Islam and become like a sheikha. So I started looking to get married. And Alhomdulilah I found a good muslim from Damascus Syria. SO I got married and moved from Atlanta to Houston and made neeyah for hijra as well. And like a year later I had a boy named Yousef which I battled for my family to not call him Joseph. Miskeen. Alhomdulilah ana mabsuta kateer and I hope INSHA ALLAH T’ALA to make hijra to Medinatoon Nabi. ALLAH KAREEM.

    Recently Masha Allah I met a sister who is jordanian and she became muslimah. She went through a hard time like me. And I just hear amazing stories about people embracing islam like this jewish guy from NY who moved to jerusalem (Quds) and he became muslim and his moroccan jewish wife became muslimah and kids and he moved to the muslim parts and learned arabi. MASHA ALLAH WAL HOMDULILEH. I just thank Allah swt for giving me hidayah to Islam.

    Did you ever question the fact that if Jesus (may the peace and blessings of Almighty God be upon him) was god why would he pray to himself? Ever wonder why the Qur’an is the ONLY book in the world to be memorized by millions of people in arabic (some don’t even speak it). The Qur’an challenges every single human being to find one contridiction in it or flaw in it and it challenges mankind produce another book just like it. Are you up for that challenge??

    • Aryo Windarto Says:


      Hi Noora my name is Aryo. I am a moslem and I live in Indonesia the largest moslem country in the world. I am so happy to read your story and something that i could say after reading your experience is only by saying Alhamdulillah. I am as a moslem very proud of you especially with your struggle to meet the truth…

      I hope u always succes with your life and may Allah always bless u…


      Aryo Windarto, in Surabaya, Indonesia

    • Tanweer Muzaffar Says:

      Aslam o Alikum Dear Sister
      Its really verry Eman Ifroz form me and I pray MY ALLAH give u all
      Happy nes which u want from Allah
      ur brother

    • Faizal Says:

      Masha Allah…
      Though am a Muslim when I read your story I really felt proud of you…
      I don’t know what I should say more…
      May Allah give everyone the power to struggle and grasp the truth that Allah is the one and only God and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is the messenger of Allah….
      May Allah bless you and all of us and give us the Jannath ul Firdous, Ameen….

    • Aya Says:

      Asalam aleykum dear sister,
      I just read your story and want to say May Allah swt bless you for your courage and faithfulness. You embraced Islam through the good times and bad. May Alllah swt grant you the best in this life as well as the akhira. Ameen.
      Alf salam aleykum!
      – Your sister in Islam 🙂

    • Ramlan Says:

      Assalamualaikum Noora,
      I pray and say alhamdullillah for you have entered the fold of Islam at a young age. You story is incredible and amazing in that once you believed Islam is the right religion, nothing can take it away from. This is the guidance from Allah. But I have extreme tinge of sadness to learn of your tribulations and adversities, even from your own family, upon their knowledge of your conversion (reversion). May Allah protect you from harm, for Allah is the best protector, all wise all knowing over His creatures. Salam.

    • Suhailah Says:

      I am so proud of your determination. I hope Allah will give me your determination and help me strive against bad influence because for me, it is not my parents but my friends.
      Also, this are verses you may want to check out: Surah 29, verse 8 and Surah 31 verse 14-15
      Salaam from your sister from Singapore.
      To the admin of this site:
      This site is great MashaAllah and may Allah reward you for all your efforts. All praise to Allah for giving you the idea for this site.

    • sumayiya KABAYIZA Says:

      assalama alaikum noora read my story of September 9/2011 you will findout that you are not alone and that only gives you strength may Allah keep us good muslims until we depart from this world to the hereafter AND MAY ALLAH BLESS THE OWNERS OF THIS SITE

    • khizra ali khan (@khizraalikhan) Says:

      hi noora i m so proud of u dear Your story is incredible and amazing allah gv u lots of happiness in this world n aftr the world n plz listen tariq jameel sahb’s bayan u willl like that….

    • Naushad Somji Says:

      Da’wah (call to Islam) applies to conveying the message of Islam to non-Muslims and inviting them to Allah. Non-practicing and lost Muslims need to be reeducated and motivated to become better Muslims; they already know Allaah Almighty and have been given the concept of Tawheed (monotheism). Some objectives of Da’wah are as follows:

      (a) Conveying the message of Islam to non-Muslims and inviting them to Allaah,

      )b) Making efforts to remove misinformation about Islam and Muslims from text books, reference material and media,

      c) Making efforts for the integration of new Muslims into the Muslim community,

      )d) To develop material resources, recruit manpower (volunteers) and provide training for Da’wah workers.

      Guidance is in the hands of Allaah, but the goal of Da’wah is definitely to be a reason to convert people to be Muslims, to save them from the Hell Fire. To avoid aggressiveness as a result of that is for the caller to Islam to know that guidance is not in his control, it is by the will of Allaah.

      Is Da’wah a duty on every Muslim?

      Yes, it is a collective duty, if some fulfill its rights then it is not a duty on every Muslim.

      In the Qur’an, Allaah has placed the responsibility on the Muslim Ummah (community) to convey the message of Islam to mankind. Allaah, TheExalted, says in the Qur’an (what means): “Thus We have appointed you a model community (Ummah), that you may be witnesses against mankind, and that the Messenger may be a witness against you”. [Quran 2:143]

      ‘Witnessing’, here, means to convey the message of Islam, i.e. to call people towards Allaah.

      Allaah also Says (what means): “Invite to the Way of your Lord (i.e. Islam) with wisdom (i.e. with the Divine Revelation and the Qur’an) and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better. Truly, your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His Path, and He is the Best Aware of those who are guided.” [Quran 16:125]

      Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) completed his assignment in his lifetime by conveying the message to the entire Arabian Peninsula and sending letters to the heads of surrounding countries. In his Khutbah (ceremony) of his farewell Hajj (pilgrimage), he passed on the responsibility to every Muslim when he said sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ): “Those who are present should convey (my message) to those who are not”. [Al-Bukhaari]

      Remember! Da’wah has great rewards. The Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) said: “Whoever guides someone towards good, will receive the reward of the one who acts upon it.” [Muslim]

      This means, if a person is converted through the Da’wah you give him/her, you get rewards for all the prayers he/she does or all the fasts that he/she does, etc.

      General tips for Da’wah

      · The best Da’wah is to be a good example because people can see this without you having to talk to them.

      1. You should be a good example all the time, not just when doing Da’wah.

      2. Don’t be a hypocrite and not follow what you preach. For example: how would it look if you tell people that Muslims can’t drink alcohol and then they see you drinking.

      · Smell good

      · Don’t act like you’re better than the person or people you are giving Da’wah to.

      · Don’t insult the person or their religion.

      · Don’t tell them that they are wrong and you are right and that they are going to hell. But you have to be clear that the religion of the truth is the religion of Islam, and Allaah doesn’t accept any other religions. And if a person dies in a state other than being a Muslim, he will be in the Hell Fire. This can be done in a wide way.

      · Don’t get too deep in a subject you don’t know much about, because if they have questions, you won’t have answers.

      · Use common sense to explain Islam because much of Islamic ethics and rules are based on common sense and most people can relate to common sense

      · Dress according to the Sunnah, since the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) has so much blessings in it, and do not imitate the disbeliever.

      Da’wah opportunities are everywhere

      Just look for them. For example: you are invited for eating food with your co-workers, and they are going to eating pork. Let them know that you can’t eat it. That is Da’wah. For teenagers specifically, whenever people are talking about dating or dances, tell them it is against your religion and why. It is not permissible for a Muslim to take friends that are disbelievers (eating pork, etc.) but if it is your co-workers, or so, then advice them. Also, it is not permissible to be present in a gathering that sins are involved.

      The easiest people to give Da’wah to are the ones who already believe in Allaah or some kind of deity. People who don’t believe in Allaah, atheists, are the hardest to give Da’wah to. Don’t be afraid to give them Da’wah, but be prepared and be knowledgeable because they always look at everything from a short sighted materialistic view.

      Methodology of Da’wah

      · When giving Da’wah, you have to be wise. Be careful of the words and think before you speak.

      · Know to whom you speaking to. For example, try to find out what they are interested in or if they have any problems. According to that, give them their information.

      · People will always be interested if it gives them an answer to their problem or it has something to do with them.

      Da’wah to Christians

      · First of all, the best Da’wah is by your actions.

      · When doing Da’wah to non-Muslims, we should try to concentrate on what we have in common to them. For example: Islam and Christianity both believe that abortion is wrong. This is only to break the tension

      · We should let them know that we share many of the same ethics and manners.

      · Let them know that we believe in heaven, hell, angels, devils, the Day of Judgment, sins, repentance, and prophets.

      · Let them know we only believe in one Allaah. And as a result, we worship Him alone, and explain what is the meaning of worship in Islam.

      · Avoid controversial issues, like is Jesus may Allaah exalt his mention the son of Allaah or just a Prophet. Don’t get in an argument, but it has to be mentioned clearly, that Jesus the son of Mary is a Messenger of Allaah and not His son.

      · Do not insult them or put them or their religion down in any way.

      · Avoid argument and debates. This only leads to ruin.

    • Zinab Says:

      😢😢😢😢😢 so beautiful mashallah.

  10. Shaik Tamby Bin Adam Says:

    Assalamualaikum wbt. Ahlan Wasahlan Marhaban Bikum.

    8:24 O ye who believe! give your response to Allah and His Messenger, when He calleth you to that which will give you life; and know that Allah cometh in between a man and his heart, and that it is He to Whom ye shall (all) be gathered.

    Some food of thought :


    The 1960s were a turning point for Western societies… The ruinous effects of two world wars, the atom bombs dropped over Japan and a string of events such as the Vietnam War provoked a huge reaction against the established order by American youth.
    The situation was no different in European countries. Young people opposed existing orders and became caught up in perverted movements in a flagrant desire to “rebel” or “to attract attention.” Degenerate behavior and perverted beliefs were spread by the day.
    Young people claiming to be opposed to war established a movement that would leave its imprint on the 1960s: This was the beginning of the hippy culture.
    It seemed that the world was full of young people ready to fill the world with flowers all for the sake of peace. They believed that the way forward was to be natural and free.
    In reality their perverse philosophy led them only to degeneration.



    my favourite websitea:

    So long as you are close to that which is not Allah, you will always be troubled and sorrowful, ascribing partners to Him, and unable to escape the burden of your sins.

    “How perfect You are O Allah, and I praise You. I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except You. I seek Your forgiveness and turn to You in repentance.’

    Kuala Lumpur

  11. AMANDA Says:

    I converted to Islam 5 years ago and I have felt like a different person ever since. I grew up Christian. My mother and my father are very religious but I never felt the same way I supposed. I knew that one day I would not be Christian anymore because it just never felt right in my heart. I was 18 when I met my husband I am now 27. We have a beautiful daughter who is 3 years old, and another is on the way, insyaALLAH we are very blessed. When I converted to ISLAM it was very hard for my family in a way that they were upset with my husband because they felt like he had changed me but it was the very opposite. He introduced me to this wonderful religion and ever since then I am always learning and I can’t wait to teach my daughter and the coming baby everything abou ISLAM. My husband would have married me as a Christian that was’nt a concern. I am just so thankful that ALLAH brought him into my life for he changed me forever. Now, my father & my mother have changed their view about my husband 100%. They can see how happy we are and they love my husband like he is their own son and they finally accept my love for Islam. Life just does’nt get better than this. Thanks to ALLAH.

  12. music Says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  13. Ricky Says:

    “How Does the Bible Compare to the Quran?”

  14. shahmuzir Says:

    Assalamu ‘alaikum…

    Thank you to all for your visits & comments on this website.

    And to Mr Ricky, I thank you for your sharing on recommending the http://www.bibleislam.com website. It is definitely a great effort by Sheikh Yusuf Estes in giving the understanding about ISLAM to our Christian friends, especially in revealing the truth of ISLAM using the Christians holy book – Bible.

    We hope that they will find the truth and choose ISLAM as their religion and way of life, ameen.

  15. bidadariAzzam Says:

    Assalamu’alaikum wrwb…
    Subhanallah… I’m proud of you, sist… I’m proud of this blog, wish u successfull forever… Uhibbukum fillah… 🙂

    -Ummu Azzam-

  16. 'Ainul Hafizah Haziq Mifdhal Says:


  17. Abdul Says:

    Great site may god bless you

  18. tahar Says:

    maasha allah. assalam alaicom. May allah guide all his people to the right path. Ameeen

  19. محمد نواز Says:

    May ALLAH help all of us to keep our Emaan Strong.


  20. shahmuzir Says:


    Thank you to all for your comments.
    May ALLAH bless & guide us all, amin.

  21. aina Says:


    Hi shahmuzir,

    Sorry that i didn’t ask for your permission before i link your website in my blog. Thanks for leaving message in my shoutbox.

    May Allah bless you always.

    — aina, Malaysia


  22. shahmuzir Says:

    wa’alaikumus salam…

    It’s OK Aina. I am more than happy :).

    Please share this website with all your friends, especially the not-yet-muslim friends. We hope that they will embrace ISLAM soon and get the goodness of ISLAM & Iman, amin.

    Ukhwah fillah.

  23. nadiah Says:

    alhamdulillah for such a blessing!
    good idea n effort abang shah! didnt realise this website was urs until i read the comments!
    keep it up..

    may Allah bless u always

  24. Robby Susanto Says:

    nice blog and article, you can add islam emblem at this blog! visit http://islamlover.com

  25. Hamid Abdul Bari Says:

    Asalamualaikum.Alhamdullilah for this site and a few others poping up all over the US.In my particular community,there are only three American converts that I know of.It also gladdens my heart to see Islam entering so many American hearts and homes.I took my shahada in 1999,and it has been a very transformative nine years for me.To see how much Islam flourishes,more and more each day in this country,and around the globe,testifies to Allahs'(SWT)revelation through our beloved prophet Muhammad(SAW)about Islam(surrender to Allah)entering every house,large and small,before the day of judgement.Jazakallah kharin for this site. Hamid Abdul Bari/NewBedford,MA. USA

  26. Alex Says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

    • Salam Osman Says:

      You are just the kind if person I am looking for. I created a website called salamdawahcenter.webs.com to invite Christians to the truth. its actually just like this website (videos, articles). i was wondering if you can e-mail me back and become a free member. please share the ajr with me and spread dawah.

  27. tina Says:

    hey guys a wud just lyk to say hw proud i am ov the ppl that hve turned to muslims… u guys r the best. they is nly 1 religion and that is islam.

  28. Faruk Says:

    Salam alaykum

    Im from Chile, southamerica, im 23 years old and im a muslim. I became muslim doing my shahada like 9 months ago. I study islam searching for all that “holy messages” calling all muslims to “kill the unbelievers”.

    I never found nothing about that, i just found a message of love, universality, about just one and unique god, one religion of the only one god through all prophets of the only god.

    I found the truth.

    I call all people to search the truth, the real message of islam, not what journalist say to us, or people with no knowledge.

    Sorry for the bad english.

    Salam, paz, peace

  29. Abdullah DeLAncey Says:

    Former Christian Abdullah DeLancey becomes a Muslim — My story

    This is the story of how I found Islam…

  30. shahmuzir Says:

    To Hamid Abdul Bari, Faruk and Abdullah DeLancey,
    Alhamdulillah (Praise be to ALLAH) for His Guidance for making you accept ISLAM as the way of life. May ALLAH guide you and all of us to HIS path. And together we pray, hopefully the not-yet-muslim people around the world will accept ISLAM and embrace it, amin.

    To Nadiah, Robby, Alex and Tina,
    Thank you for visiting this website. If there is tiny benefit in this website, please share it with your friends okay. May ALLAH bless us all, amin…

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    may allah help as to open d path we should also be in jannah together may allah grant as ameen

    jazakalla for this beautiful site

  34. zahid_kepok_leko Says:

    Assalamu alaikum

    i always read about people reverting to islam to make my iman strong.
    as they see thing that i cannot see since i born in islam.
    may ALLAH guide us to HIS path.

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    It’s an amazing website.
    Keep up your noble work.
    May Allah Bless us all in His Eternal Light of Truth.

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    I find this website is so interestig. Keep up the good work! Let us together spread islam as the way of life to the whole world. I am a muslim since i was born. I love to read about people who comeback to islam(as all of us are muslim when we were born). It is our parent who make us muslim or not.
    As a muslim since i was born, I sometimes don’t know the value of islam. By reading our new brothers stories about cming back to islam will help me to strengthen my iman(faith) towards Allah. I really hope and pray to Allah please show and guide me.

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    anyway,hopefully we can understand the info here in the right way.
    plz keep our faith based on Al-Quran and As-Sunnah.Never choose either one of it.Some of us are Anti-Sunnah.

    one more,hopefully we can differentiate which website is ‘trully’ islam and which is not.

    this is about our faith to Allah and Muhammad s.a.w.Choose the right source and Allah will help us to choose the best for us.


  39. shahmuzir Says:

    Thank you for the visit. May ALLAH subhanahu wata’ala bless us all, amin…

    As for what said by Shahrudin, Yes I totally agree. Refer to the original source of ISLAM; al-Quran dan as-Sunnah.

    Many stories listed in this website had proved that people reverted to ISLAM after they went through the al-Quran and as-Sunnah. The beauty of ISLAM is within these two sources. So, it is our responsibility as muslim to spread the beauty of ISLAM to all mankind by practicing it in our daily life, insyaALLAH.


  40. Muhammad Rizwan Says:


    Watch this reverts story..


  41. shumaila Says:

    sir i am a muslim and i dont want to make any comments i have a question that how women can offer pray(namaz).is there no difference among the pray of men and women.sir please clear it.thanks.

  42. mucahid Says:

    Selamu Aleykum Brothers/Sisters,

    I just saw a video about 1 of our christian brother choose islam in Australia,and he tells about how he choose islam in a funny way 🙂

  43. tunisia Says:

    SALAM ALEIKOM for all , i am so proud of these people converted to islam . I want to tell all people that many islamic websites like islamway.com are censored in tunisia . Youtube and dailymotion are censored too . please try to upload videos to another websites apart from youtube and dailymotion .PLZ they are censored here .
    i want to tell u that here mosquees are closed between prayers and people who do prayers here are tortured . be conscious of what is happening in my country . i am really angry of what is happening here . sorry for my english . thanks for this websites . jazakom allah khair

    • shahmuzir Says:

      Tunisia, I am really sad to hear the situation happening in your place 😦 . May ALLAH subhanahu wata’ala gives high level strenght of Iman to all muslims there. Don’t give up. Practice ISLAM until we meet ALLAH in the hereafter life.

    • Vonderheide Hamdi Angelic Says:

      reply to Tunisia husband is from Tunisia and I went to Tunisia just after Eid and things are starting to get better in Tunisia since the revolution. Yes mosques are still closed between prayers but now you can pray freely without worring of being tourtured and Hijab is starting to me seen everywhere and I also saw just a few with niqab you can now wear hijab freely without persecution ahamdillah. Also my husband no longer needs to shave his beard before he goed home to Tunisia what a blessing but along way to go in Tunisia a country where everyone has been brain washed into thinking that hijab and beard and prayers are wrong. And a country that is taught to hate the rules Allah SWT gave us. I am not saying that all Tunisian are like this alot believe in sharia and prayer hijab ect but alot are fighting to keep Tunisia Islam free just because of Bourghiba and Ben Ali what a shame may Allah make Tunisia a wonderful and great Islamic country like it once was before Bourghiba took the hijabs off women and made pray a crime

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      n that filling is hard to explain or…..my fb Ahmad al hassan.my
      motto Allah swt n beloved massenger Muhammad saw its awesome
      n this enough 4 me,

  45. deepa Says:

    i am 21 yer old girls
    so, i want to convert to muslim

    • shahmuzir Says:

      Deepa, you may go to masjid (mosque) or Islamic Centre near at your place. For your quick reference on how to convert/revert to ISLAM, please click here:

      May I know where do you live?

    • baz Says:

      hello deepa where you from
      i hope your indian and malayalee
      any how,if you beleive there is no god excpet ALLAH Almighty and muhammed is his messenger , then ur already entered to islam
      but if u want to proclaim , then u can, if you are sure and ready to take hard ship for the truth
      may GOD almighty bless you sister

  46. Rana Omar Says:

    al salamo alikom we rahmat Allah we barakatoh
    i am very proud to see such a website thanx for your efforts we jazakom Allah khairan.
    I am egyptain and born Moslem el hamdu lelah.
    if i want to advice someone to read about islam what books shall i advice him. this person (he is American) is always cretisizing Qura’an and Prophit Muhammed (Peace be upon him) on youtube and he is christian and i do not know any thing about Bible and this will not help me to reply him as he always makes comparisons between Bible and Qura’an also Jesus and Muhammed(Peace be upon them both) and i feel that it is a must on me to reply him may be he may make up his mind
    can anyone advice me by names of books and any refrences to reply him
    thank you

    • shahmuzir Says:

      wa ‘alaikumussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh…

      Thanks Rana for your visit. Maybe I can recommend a website developed by Sheikh Yusuf Estes to help your friend to undertstand the truth of ISLAM. He was a Christian preacher, but reverted to ISLAM, alhamdulillah.


      The website explains the truth of ISLAM using the holy book of Christian. There are thousands of reference out there, but try this one first ok.

      Together we pray that ALLAH gives HIS hidayah and taufiq to him and others, amin 🙂 .

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    wa Salam,
    Sister in Islam

  48. Nasser Says:

    Brother Assalaam alaikum,
    Mashaallah for your generous effort in promoting Islam. May Allah bless you for your work and make you steadfast in your efforts.

    • shahmuzir Says:

      wa ‘alaikumussalam wa rahmatullah…
      Let’s together promote ISLAM and spread the words of ALLAH to all the mankind. May the efforts be rewarded by The AlMighty ALLAH Subhanahu waTa’ala, insyaALLAH.

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    A very good work Shahmuzir! May Allah bless you this noble effort.

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    Salam”peace” to all good people out there
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    • shahmuzir Says:

      wa ‘alaikumussalam wa rahmatullah…

      Yes, please feel free to use the contents of this website and spread it into your network. May ALLAH bless our effort, amin…

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  56. nur asyiqeen Says:

    islam is wonderful n beauty too more than i thought before.
    thanx to my teacher for suggesting this blog.
    i am glad n proud to be muslim.
    islam is everything.islam is perfect.
    for person who want to be muslim,keep going n hopely with full of confidence, all of u find new great life with blessed by ALLAH..amin..

    • shahmuzir Says:

      Nur asyiqeen,
      Thanks for visiting this website. Hopefully it will benefit you. For muslims like you and me; stories and videos of people reverting to ISLAM may increase our Iman. It’s good in reminding us to be grateful of the highest ‘nikmat’s given to us: IMAN and ISLAM.

      Please send my regard to your teacher OK. I’m really appreciate for his/her effort in recommending this website to his/her students 😉

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    Similarly, Islam is not named after a tribe like “Judaism” after the tribe of Judah and “Hinduism” after the Hindus. The Arabic word “Islam” means the submission or surrender of one’s will to the will of the only true god worthy of worship, “Allah” (known as God “the Father” in Christianity).
    And Mosks are the place where we do our prayers
    “Whoever builds a Masjid, seeking Allah’s pleasure; Allah will build for him a similar place in Paradise.” (Al-Bukhari)
    “Do you know who will go first on the Day of Resurrection to the shade of Allah? Those who when given what is right accept it, when asked for something give freely and who judge in favour of others as they do for themselves.” (Tirmidhi)

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    • shahmuzir Says:

      Kate, thank you for your visit :).

      This website is just to share with others the stories of people reverted to ISLAM. There are many very strong reasons for them to revert to ISLAM. And it may be good for others to know, especially for the not-yet-muslim. Even me myself (born muslim) felt very motivated when I go thru each and every story of them.

      Those stories and videos placed in this website may be a starter for you to know more about ISLAM. You may get the information about ISLAM from the Holy Quran and al-Hadith. These two are the main source of ISLAM.

      You may also seek clarification and explaination about ISLAM at the nearest Islamic centre at your place.

      I invite you to ISLAM 😀

  61. Muhammad Baqar Says:

    May Allah guide to all those who become new muslim, i myself a muslim by birth, thanks to Alllah that he chose for me, i do not have to go through any hard ship but when i read all these story about other people hard ship facing i was cry few time when i was reading may Allah blessed all of them, may Allah guide them all of their life and be stood fast and reward and may Allah be the alone sufficient for them remove their all hard ship from their life, and give them strength financially and always be their provider with risk a halal, and give then abondan strength and wealth so non of the non muslim ever think of them weak and they can stood stand and be proud of them even if they touch mud may Allah make them gold, i mean maqy Allah be always their sustainer and make their life easy on them, ofcourse hard ship is part of life but Allah make exception for all of my brother and sister who enter in islam will never suffer any major clamity and difficulty in life ever, and their hand id always on opper side instead of lower side, Amin, may Allah guide them and make their self a shinning star for the whole humanity and finally May Allah enter all of my brother and sister including my self to in paradice, and all of us do good deed and make Allah happy, and it should be all of our case that Allah was happy with us and we are happy with Allah and we never even come close to satan and may Allah make satan away from us and may Allah make us away from satan, and may Allah make us closer to God closer to his self and may Allah make our self closer to him always this goes in either direction but i want in both way, we go to Allah and Allah come to us too Amin, summa Amin.

  62. Muhammad Baqar Says:

    who ever want to go to paradise do these three thing as prophet Muhammad PBUH said 1. Don’t become angry. 2. Fear Allah where ever u are. 3. Follow up a bad deed with good one, it will wipe it out.the more angry a person gets the more highly valued is his self control.

  63. mohammad Says:

    assalam o alieykum
    Dear Friends,
    there are some properties in islam,if we act on them;it will be easy for us to act on whole islamic life
    …….these are six..
    there is no who is god but Allah ,mohammad (PBUH)is his massenger
    no one can do nothing expect with the help of Allah
    only life of of Mohammad (PBUH) is the sample to live in world….we believe by heart..
    to pray to Allah five days
    our 24 hours life set to properties of salat
    3.knowledge and Ziker
    tO KNOW
    what Allah desires from me this time
    Ziker means After knowing what Allah desires this time do that work with this mind Allah is seeing me ….
    4.Respect To Muslims
    to love and take sympathy to youngones and respect to elders
    and be carefull of scholors of islam
    5.Only For Allah
    do every thing to please …not for any reward from people in wold
    do good to and preach for it …..forbide from evil and forbide others
    define people the ALLaH
    He is Creator,Every Thing is His, He is food Giver

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    Islam is not a new religion because “submission to the will of God”, i.e. Islam, has always been the only acceptable religion in the sight of God. For this reason, Islam is the true “natural religion”, and it is the same eternal message revealed through the ages to all of God’s prophets and messengers. Muslims believe that all of God’s prophets, which include Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, brought the same message of Pure Monotheism. For this reason, the Prophet Muhammad was not the founder of a new religion, as many people mistakenly think, but he was the final Prophet of Islam. By revealing His final message to Muhammad, which is an eternal and universal message for all of mankind, God finally fulfilled the covenant that He made with Abraham, who was one of the earliest and greatest prophets.

    Sufficient is it to say that the way of Islam is the same as the way of the prophet Abraham, because both the Bible and the Quran portray Abraham as a towering example of someone who submitted himself completely to God and worshipped Him without intermediaries. Once this is realized, it should be clear that Islam has the most continuous and universal message of any religion, because all prophets and messengers were “Muslims”, i.e. those who submitted to God’s will, and they preached “Islam”, i.e. submission to the will of Almighty God.


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    Would like like to subscribe to this wonderful site.
    Appreciate it if you will include me in your post from now on, thanks a million, God Bless.

    • shahmuzir Says:

      Hello Mr Tahir Jummat,

      I have added a new widget on the Right-Hand-Side of this website. You may subscribe the future content of this website just by entering your email address.

      May ALLAH Azza wa Jalla guide us all to HIS path, amin…

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    • shahmuzir Says:

      Yes, please. May this website benefited you…don’t forget to give credit to the original source of the articles as mentioned in each page.

  76. Jack Says:


    Praise be to Allah who has opened up our hearth from the darkness to become brightness of islam. Verily. if we want to convert truth, obstacles and hardships always hinder us. However if we are fearless we will win.
    Jack from Indonesia

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  83. b.raj Says:

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    • shahmuzir Says:

      Praise be to ALLAH, The Almighty God. If you are staying in Pakistan, you may go to the nearest Islamic centre or masjid (mosque) to know more about ISLAM. I pray to ALLAH, may HE guide you to HIS path, amin.

      If you need financial help, you may ask the Islamic Centre or Masjid about Zakat. ISLAM has special fund to help those who are newly reverted to ISLAM (or we may call them as ‘MUALLAF’). They are entitled for Zakat distribution.

      We welcome you to ISLAM 🙂

  84. muslimsuperhero Says:

    Just found this page! It’s great! I added you to my blogroll! I’m also a Muslim Convert of 9 years… living in Egypt studying Arabic right now. Check out my page when you get a chance!


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  86. Mary Says:

    Salamun Alaikum!

    Congratulations to all of you dear brothers and sisters! Allah’s (SWT) blessings, mercy, and peace be on you!

    Your sister


  87. hasan Says:

    great job……. the blog owner ………

    if is it possible to meet anyone who tells the story to interview in person so that i feel i can make some more documentaries…….

    please let me know……………

  88. tHe sLave of Allah the Almighty Says:

    salam wbt. alhamdulillah praise to Allah. this is amazing subhanallah. i feel like crying. i have one experience to share. my english teacher is a new converts muslim. and at the first time i met him, he asked me every single thing about islam. especially the 5pillars and the things that muslim should do. i dont know why i cant explain to him better,. its not that i cant explain, i know the things but i can only explain to him in my language both arabic and malay. so for the whole day he made me think. what if there is like a number of people out there who is still curious like him.?? he gave me motivation and determination to learn in deep about islam. and especially to explain to them. maybe i should suggest him this website.. but still he wants someone who he can talk with and explain in details~

    • shahmuzir Says:

      wa’alaikumussalam warahmatullah…

      Brother, it is a great news knowing your teacher now is a Muslim, alhamdulillah. And praise be to ALLAH, alhamdulillah for giving you the chance to share some basic things in Islam with him. May ALLAH bless your efforts, amin.

      If you feel lack of knowledge or confident to answer all his questions, just bring him to the nearest Islamic institution eg masjid to meet an imam or a mu’allim (Islamic teacher). For a new convert like him, very sure he needs very close-guiding from someone. This website isn’t enough…

  89. Jabin Hamid Says:

    Salaam brother

    thanks for the useful website. May I translate some stories available in your site ?

  90. Mary Says:

    Salamun Alaikum!
    Congratulations dear brothers and sisters! I am very desperate…I know a man who is interested in Islam, what do you recommend I do to interest him? What will touch his heart? What can I do?!!

    Thank You,


    • shahmuzir Says:

      wa’alaikumussalam warahmatullah…

      From many stories I heard and compiled here in this website, majority revert to ISLAM after they read al-Quran, the words of ALLAH.

      Buy him a Holy Quran with translation of his language. Then pray to ALLAH, hoping that he be guided by ALLAH. We as human, as muslim just do our part, passing the message of God. Let ALLAH do the rest…

      • Zehra Al-Timimi Says:

        Salamun Alaikum brother,

        He has already read the Quran, and he has changed tremendously. He still has not converted! I know he wants to, but his parents are really strict French. What should I do?!

        Thank you,


  91. Aliyah Says:

    Salamu alaykum!

    i would like to congratulate all my muslim brother and sisters who have converted and may Allah bless you all.

    one of my friend in school was kind of intrested in islam she wanted to know about it so i told her everything i knewed…one day she came to me and asked me if i could take her to the mosque because she wanted to convert. i asked her if she was sure 100% she said yes the imam told her that she has to start wearing scarf and stop the b ad things shes doing. after she converted she still havent stoped smoking and she dosnt wear scarf neither i asked her why she says oow im not ready.

    i get really upset everytime i see doing all such things shes not meant to do.

    will Allah ever gorgive for the mistake i have done? why did i tyake her to the mosque?

    Thank you

    • shahmuzir Says:

      wa’alaikumussalam warahmatullah…

      It was not your mistake to take her to the masjid. It is a great effort and may ALLAH bless you for what you have done, amin…

      Once she reverted to ISLAM, she is a muslimah. And you will be granted with blessing and hasanah by ALLAH, The Almighty God.
      Of course as a friend of her, you love her and try to teach her and bring her to a better understanding and practice of ISLAM. Don’t forget, everytime you preach her, help her…ALLAH has already give you the hasanah, insyaALLAH…

      We can only pass the message of ISLAM to her, and it’s our duty to continously spread the word of ALLAH. Pray to ALLAH, may HE guide her to become a good muslimah one day, insyaALLAH…

  92. zeineb Says:

    assalamou alikom
    how acn i cnvince a christian ti convert to islam ????? please i need help
    baraka allahou fikom

  93. anne daniel Says:

    hi, being a non muslim i’m impressed about Islam and the muslim people. The comments on this site itself is the reflection of the true brotherhood/sisterhood in Islam and the unity amongst Muslims. Browsing fashion, make up, latest trends, celebrity gossip no more interests me. I spend 4 hrs daily on the net and all 4 hrs i read about Islam. Wonderful blog.

    • shahmuzir Says:

      Thank you for your visit. I pray to The Almighty ALLAH, may HE guide you and your family to accept ISLAM as your religion and way of life, amin…

  94. garage door Says:

    I have fun read this post. I need to see more on this topic.. Bless you for creating this nice article.. Anyways, So i am gonna subscribe for a rss as well as I wish you write useful articles once again soon.

  95. owais Says:

    anne daniel : may ALLAH almighty guide u to islam.we all muslims r ur wellwishers nd u r the lucky one ALLAH has made u realize to seek the truth.may u embrace islam nd make ur way to heavens.amin.

  96. Anne Daniel Says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, i can no longer deny the teachings of Islam and have stopped from being a Catholic christian. Inshallah i would be joining you as your muslim sister soon. Thank all of you who prayed to Allah SWT for my guidance to Islam. Mostly would be taking my shahada before Ramadan. Since my journey to Islam began on this site i would like for my brothers and sisters on this site to choose my name as i want it to reflect my religion. I’m proud of my new faith.

    • shahmuzir Says:

      My sister Anne, I am very happy with your decision.
      Alhamdulillah, praise be to ALLAH, with HIS guidance you are now closer to the Right Path. May ALLAH give all the strength that you need to become a muslim sister. The videos & articles in this website may also help you in gathering the strength & confidence that you need, insyaALLAH. Welcome to ISLAM 🙂

      May I suggest ‘Huda’ as for the name… It means ‘Right guidance’.

  97. sarip d. arab Says:

    Al-hamdolillah! Shukran to your job. it is an ibadah.

  98. dee3 Says:

    I hope this proofs to alot of people how much great is islam .. iam a muslim and eventhough i know how much islam is great i don’t think l really realize that .. to be honest nothing would make me proud more than being muslim .. ALLAH AKBAR..

  99. Ahmed Hayow Says:

    This web is a Golden Gift to Muslims and non Muslims who are on the way soon insha’alaah.

  100. Ahmed Hayow Says:

    Alhamdu lilaah i am muslin till i come to this world and asking Allaah sw to keep me,my family and brothers and sisters all aroud the world till the last day of our world and let us die musliman and let us be back the day of jugment wile we are muslims aamiin aamiin aamiin.
    I became happy when i sow this web and get help to nanmuslims who need to know about Islam that makes me fire up really fire up.
    God help you all

  101. samy Says:

    اشهد ان لا اله الا الله وان محمد رسول الله
    احمد الله على نعمه الاسلام
    واحمد كثيرا على انى من نسل اشرف خلقه

    • shahmuzir Says:

      الحمدلله(All praises be to ALLAH)
      اشهد ان لا اله الا الله (I testify that there is no God, BUT ALLAH)
      و اشهد ان محمد رسول الله (and I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of ALLAH)


  102. kyriakos Says:

    thank you it was really helpfull. I have been studying islam for only a few weeks and i find it quite convincing

    • shahmuzir Says:

      I am glad that you have been studying Islam dan felt positive about it. Keep searching and studying, even if one day you become a muslim. I pray to ALLAH, may you be guided with HIS Guidance, ameen…

      I invite you to Islam 🙂

    • Ramlan Says:

      A man in his purest form is God conscious. This feeling is instinctual . But debasement from lowly earthly desire can stultify man’s sense of God the creator. As long as we refrain from committing major sins, we can count on being constantly knocked on the door by Allah.

  103. owais Says:

    Plz people..pray to ALLAH ALMIGHTY to help muslims of pakistan which have been struck by flood..”ALLAH plz forgive us.u are the most Merciful and indeed YOUR Compassion exceeds YOUR Wrath..forgive our sins and make us follow the path of those whom you like”.Amin.

  104. think4different Says:

    nice work
    لا اله الا الله

  105. hussam al ajarma Says:

    hi i am hussam from jordan i want to know anyone from choosing islam to know you i wait anyone hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just frind

  106. mohamad Says:

    salam alykom I hope that i can help any one to know more about islam …we are Brothers and Sisters in this religion …any one want need me i will be here …

  107. saad Says:

    Assalamualikum WRWB….
    Dear brother it is great n informative site wch i ever seen before to get the knowledge n to call every humanit toward one god I.e. ALLAH (SWT).
    Dear brother I’m from india, n I need Ur help to call our Hindu brother towards Allah(SWT) in the light of our n there holy scriptures. so would any one help guide me?????????

  108. Dickson D Says:

    Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters.

    I have been a reverted muslim for almost 30 years now. Each day I grew stronger in believing that what we are today is predestined by Allah the merciful. None could escape what has been written in Luh Mahfuz.

    During those 30 years is no way easy. There are unpleasant things I faced everyday – some coming from family members, friends of so called Muslim brothers and the unbelievers etc.. To my personal experience, my dad was so adamant to stay as christians to his last.

    Stating the syahadah was easy but what one does with it is entirely a different thing. Allah never burden us with what we couldn’t effort to do. However, if one do good deed then there is reward and if one commit evil deeds, sins and hell fire awaits. This is a promised in the Holy Quran.

    Allah is our guidance and let us stay firm to what we recite over and over everyday – the path of those Allah had promised glory!

  109. Linda Says:

    I’m really not satisfied by my Christian faith anymore. I find more women accepting Islam as their religion. I’m curious to learn more and looking for advice and experience from converts before i too take a decision to convert. Please mail me at linda_brown30@yahoo.com.

    • Suha Says:

      salam alykum sister Linda,
      I tried to send you an e-mail but I think that you e-mail isn’t correct,
      hope you find your true way in Islam
      your sister in faith Suha

    • Ramlan Says:

      Before I converted to Islam, I believed there must be an All Powerful God who is in charge of the whole universe. I wasnt satisfied with by previous paganistic belief that a God has to be “human like in body form”, even worse, stark naked with no inch of clothings. But I believed that God cannot be visualized with human senses, such that God resembles any of His creations across the universe. Coming home to Islam provides me with a deeper appreciation of the attributes of God as in in the 100 beautiful names of Allah.

  110. Muhammad Leonard Says:


  111. Gamal Mahdaly Says:

    I wish to congratulate every muslim brother/ sister for being chosen by their Lord Allah ( Subhanhu-wa-Taala) to be Muslim: Islam is not a new religion, but the same truth that God revealed through all His prophets to every people. For a fifth of the world’s population, Islam is both a religion and a complete way of life. Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiveness, and the majority has nothing to do with the extremely grave events, which have come to be associated with their faith.

  112. Gamal Mahdaly Says:

    Al-hamdullelah for being Muslim!. Welcome back our brothers & sisters to the original Allah’s religion!

  113. linda Says:

    dear sister Suha,
    Please mail at linda_brown30@yahoo.co.uk. Sorry for wrong mail id. Looking for all you support.

  114. saqibullah Says:

    thank you God

  115. Geoffrin Says:

    Assalamualaikum wa Rahmathullah wa Barakatuh…

    I was a Catholic for 25 years… I was blindly following what my forefathers did. Slowly I started thinking about myself… what belief is… what I’m following… Am I in the right path… Who wrote my Bible… How many different Bible… Why this difference…

    Alhamdulillah… finally I found the door the heaven… Holy Qur’an!!!

    Alhamdulillah! Today I’m a Muslim. I got answers for all my doubts from Holy Qur’an. I fight against my own evil traits… I found peace and satisfaction with my faith…

    Include me your prayers…

    • shahmuzir Says:

      wa`alaikumussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh…
      SubhanALLAH, alhamdulillah. I am very happy to hear that. Indeed, al-Quran is the answer for all the questions asked by those who seeking for the truth. Because al-Qur’an is the words of ALLAH, The Only God!
      Geoffrin, I pray to ALLAH, may ALLAH bless you and your family with HIS hidayah and taufiq, amin…

  116. Ghennouchi Yacine Says:

    Dear readers
    I am Muslim and I want to discuss Islamic issues with new converts and those willing to convert.

    I am all ears

    Thank you

    May Allah guide your steps to His straight way

    Your brother Yacine

  117. Hanan Says:

    Al-salaamualikum wa rahmatuAllak wa brakatuh
    i’m muslimah from Libya,and i knew islam all my life.frankly speaking ,sometimes i wish(astaghferAllah for saying this) that my religion would be something else other than islam ,astaghferAllah,don’t get me wrong but i only wish so ,so i can sense the real essence and purity of Islam ,this wish i had only because of my father who knew everything about Islam but does things that Islam completely forbids(adultery,drugs..) he never truelly understood the depth and beauty of Islam and i wish that Allah would one day yahdih ela serat almustaqem.nevertheless, i surely thank Allah for guiding me to islam and never be like those who chose a religion other than islam. the stories that i hav just read about those who just converted to islam are encouraging and hiving hope to those who are not muslims yet.it’s sure a wonderful idea to have such blog to introduce people to islam,Alhamdulillah wa ashukr Lillah wa alne’ama beAllah

    • shahmuzir Says:

      wa`alaikumussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh…
      Hanan, with the hidayah and taufiq from ALLAH, hopefully our muslim friends and families throughout the world will came back practising the true teachings of ISLAM. Maybe, we the ones who have a little bit awareness of Islamic values can start our roles in ourselves, then promote it to family member and then to the communities.
      Hidayah and taufiq is ALLAH’s right. HE gives to those HE wants. So, let us pray to ALLAH subhanahu wa ta`ala, pray for HIS mercy to give HIS hidayah and taufiq to all of us, amin…
      I pray to ALLAH, may you, your family and friends be given ALLAH’s blessings, amin…

  118. Emma Says:

    This is a truly beautiful site. I’m interested and looking for guidance. Please help as i know i won’t find my way on my own. Please email me at emma_norman@hotmail.com

    • Ramlan Says:

      Dear Emma,

      If you are a non Muslim yet and trying to understand the precepts of Islam, I can assure you from my own experience, coming from non religion before, that Islam is the straightest, most beautiful religion you would ever discover. In islam I find the concept of God Allah in the most sublime and elevated manner (unlike in some religion where God take the form of creations, like idols, star, sun, planet, even earthly humans. )

  119. Mohammed Anas Says:

    Asalamualikum to all my brothers and sisters… can i any one let me know how to join this website? my email address is mohammedanas17@yahoo.com


  120. ashfaq.deriaya Says:

    all new converts to islam r the example for the world and born Muslim itself that how they face problem in this world and hereafter only Allah knows what they r going to get in paradise (much better than born muslim insaallah) allah gives me and my family such type of hidayat.

  121. Jennifer L. Storm Says:

    Salam Alaykum

    This site is a wonderful resource mashallah. Please keep it going! With so many people coming into the fold of Islam it’s heart warming to see an invitation go out not just to Muslims but to those who have family or friends who have reverted as well. May Allah bring more people to this site and may He increase you in baraka.

    Jennifer L. Storm, Owner & Writer

    • shahmuzir Says:

      wa`alaikumussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh…

      Thanks for your visit and for the do`a my sister. Alhamdulillah, may ALLAH give HIS guidance to all of us, amin…
      I tried to open your website, http://www.sheembracedislam.com/ but it was failed.
      Perhaps, it can serve the ummah once it is ok. May all your effort to spread the word of The Almighty ALLAH be rewarded, amin…

  122. Abdul Ahad Afghan Says:

    Asalamo Alikum,

    My name is Abdul Ahad Afghan, seeing this website infact pleased me a lot. But I feel one thing more that, what are we doing about our old Muslims society who are going astray day by day because of lack of Dawa in between the Muslims in order to enter fully in Islam and make the Ommah to feel their responsibility of Dawa. Once each muslim come over their duty then it is easy Inshaallah that the Islam will spread to each corner of the world.


    Abdul Ahad “Afghan”

    Kandahar City, Afghanistan

    • shahmuzir Says:

      wa`alaikumussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh…

      My brother Abdul Ahad, I totally agree with you. And I am very appreciate your concern. Indeed, the dakwah need to be spread to all muslims and not-yet-muslims. So that the muslims will be refreshed with the true teachings of ISLAM. And may the not-yet-muslims attracted to ISLAM. We pray to ALLAH for HIS guidance, amin…

      This website is only focusing on the stories of new muslims on how they becoming muslims and revert to Islam. I am very sure there are many websites over the net touching on many other aspects of Islam. Together we support each other other, insyaALLAH… 🙂

  123. Mohd. Faraz arfi Says:

    Hope this site will help many attain guidance about the true and only religion ie ISLAM.

  124. Emel Says:

    I’m a muslim lady. But I have a lot of questions about Islam and woman in Islam. I looked for and found this site. I want to learn -especially women- What did you find in Islam? Did you find all answers to your all questions? I don’t know English very well, I know a little. I’m reading and trying to understand your posts and comments. I want your help, I need to hear something different.

    • MARIEM Says:

      salam Emel i understand u cause i passed throw the same situation and after reserches i was definitly convinced that islam is the best solution for both man and woman and for humanity in a general way; Now im wearing my veil im happy with it i feel liberated, im active in socity im respected and appreciated by all, hamdellah thanks god!

  125. timothy Says:


    May Allah give us a guidance, my brother and sister.


  126. Kathy Says:

    Truly beautiful religion.

  127. ishaqnya samhsb Says:

    wow….this is good..but i am a little disappointed with some already muslims…they thought islam was just a religion. some of them don’t really enjoy the true meaning of islam.

  128. fajralislam Says:

    really a nice page,hoping many people understand the real essence of islam and i wish to help

  129. Quran Online Says:

    Mashallah , nice aim and objective , this is dawat and tableegh and you are doing it online , its good , it gave me an idea to do this work myself too because i am also an IT student. thank you very much and keep this work continue , jazakallah

  130. Emmy Arnis Says:

    Assalaamu’alaikum….! Syukron ats semua infonya, smg jadi nilai ibadah buat Bpk, dan semakin bertambah imanku. Amiiiin!

  131. hamidah muhamad rashid Says:

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh…

    this site is full with the beauty of islam. let us increase our iman and be a good muslim.

    keep the good effort to encourage people know about islam. may Allah give you the great reward in hereafter. InsyaAllah…

  132. Asfora Says:

    Salaam Aleykum, great collection of videos and articles, thanks

  133. fathiya Says:

    salam alaykum great i’m very proud of this blog..
    keep goin’..and pray for me tooo i want marry convert?revert bro cuz thats my dream … am not convert

  134. Madiha Says:

    Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh…

    My name is Madiha, and I’m from Malaysia and I’m a muslim.
    I woke up this morning receiving an email from a dear friend of mine writing that she has the intention to become a muslim one fine day….I was so happy to hear this and Insyaallah, i hope i can help and guide her ..aminnnnnnnn…

    • Shahmuzir Says:

      wa`alaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh…
      Alhamdulillah. Thank you Madiha for your time visiting this website and share a very exciting news with us.
      We pray to ALLAH, may ALLAH give your friend inner strength, taufiq and hidayah to embrace ISLAM as soon as possible.
      Hopefully Madiha can help and be with her in her journey to become a Muslimah and after she became a Muslimah, amin…

  135. Ramlan Says:

    Since the Quran spells out the way the human kind should relate to Allah, fellow human beings and the environment (flora and fauna and marine life), its arguable that Islam provides all the answers to global problems that we wee today: inequities of globalization, gaping disparity between the rich and the poor, extreme poverty, wars, pollution, global warming, climate change, alcoholism, drug induced crimes, moral decay, etc. Go and read the Quran; it has answer to each of these problem and others.

  136. hanifah mcdato Says:

    happy ramadhan 🙂 to all may Allah(s.w.t) bless us

  137. Malcolm Jackdam Says:

    salam alaikoum hi my name is hicham from algeria. i’ve born a muslim and i’m so Proud to be a muslim .we’re in ramadan and we’re fasting I raise my hand to the top and i ask allah to help all the people to find their own way to the truth(allah)

  138. Mohamed ishrath Says:

    @ owner of this page

    Allah bles u u doing a great job inshAllah i wish u to became more populer and do this continue-sly

  139. سحر الجزائري Says:

    wow machallah i hope that allah guide u and show u the right path sisters
    there is no god but allah mohammed is his messenger

  140. abdellah Says:

    essalamo 3alikom
    great is the feeling that we have when some one talk about islam
    muslim and proud
    hope that allah give evry one to feel that feeling
    happy ramadan
    abdellah from algeria

  141. angrej singh Says:

    aslamwalaikum ? my name is angrej singh i am from india and i want to convert islam .

    • Shahmuzir Says:

      wa`alaikumussalam (and may peace be upon you too).
      Congratulation to you my brother, Angrej Singh.

      To convert to ISLAM, all you need is just to testify that “No God except ALLAH, and Muhammad is the Messenger of ALLAH”.
      You may read this: https://wechooseislam.wordpress.com/convert-to-islam/

      For further understanding and help, you might see any good Muslim friends around you or visit nearest Islamic Centre or mosque.
      I pray to ALLAH, may you and your family be blessed by HIM and grant you with peace and Heaven, amin…

  142. kerengga kurus Says:

    Salam .. May Allah bless u for this beautiful effort..

  143. bluehikari Says:

    Muzir, very very good effort. Alhamdulillah.

  144. Mujtaba Says:

    Need help as one friend of mine wants to revert to islam. She is from brazil and is suferring from cancer. Please let me know if you any1 who could help to revert or any1 could give me d link to contact sum1 as soon as possible as she finds difficult to find a person in brazil for helping her to revert…
    You can send me on muj17@yahoo.com,
    Thanking you in advance!

    • Shahmuzir Says:

      wa`alaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh…

      Bro Mujtaba, to revert to ISLAM is not difficult. It is very easy. Just testify with full beliefve that:
      “There is no God, but ALLAH. And the prophet Muhammad is HIS Messenger”

      This link might help, insyaALLAH: https://wechooseislam.wordpress.com/convert-to-islam/

      After that, you may teach her some basic teachings of ISLAM. And help her to walk her life as a new Muslim.
      May ALLAH help you to help her, amin… 🙂

  145. Abdul Wasii Says:

    when the sign of Allah manifests at the end of time people will enter into the true Religion in drove. we welcome all the Converts to the true religion you will never be the same again. Insha Allah

  146. Sumayiya KABAYIZA Says:

    Rwanda twins find Islam
    Life before Islam
    We come from a strong catholic family. We were born a pair of twins who are identical and other 7 siblings. At the age of eight we received the sacrament of Holy Communion and confirmation as true Catholics. I will continue to say we because the story involve my twin sister and I. At that age we went to many worship places and religious gatherings. Our mother always insisted that we should avoid the hell fire and Satan’s temptations. It was precisely for that reason she took us one day to watch a play named heavens gates and hells flames. Days after that I dreamt of unusually huge creatures which looked like grass hoppers
    They were eating and tormenting sinners but instead of the grass hoppers tormenting me, they tickled and whispered beautiful things to me. They told me that I was going to heaven because I was a well behaved child. They told me to look at the sky and that if I see my name written on it I would go to heaven. At that age I thought heaven was just near in the sky. I saw the name and to my surprise it wasn’t the name I was using. I asked the creatures why it was a name different from the one I was using written on the sky yet I recognized it as my name. They said it was the heavenly name that I would acquire just before I went to heaven. This story fits somewhere later.
    Coming from a strong catholic family, we went to church every Sunday, my twin sister sung in church choir and we both planed to become nuns. However, with good grades at the end of our primary school my twin was sent to a convent and I was also sent to a school run by nuns. We had never been separated before but we coped with the change. At that time, there was a liberation war in our country (Rwanda) which turned into the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis. Our family along with other families that had been refugees in countries neighboring Rwanda and elsewhere in the world since 1959, 1963 and in the early 1970s moved back to its origin Rwanda and from Uganda my twin moved back with them.
    At the age of 15, I was studding in a girls boarding school and had to remain in Uganda to attend that school. I was put under the care of my maternal Uncle, who happened to be a catholic priest and the school’s chaplain. Due to harassment (both sexual and bodily) from my uncle the school chaplain, (no offence intended), I began to understand that after all the priests were not as holy as they were assumed. Then I asked myself why these men were given permission to redeem Catholics of their sins, yet they were far worse than the congregation they lead. That was the turning point of my faith. I decided to escape from his care and return to my home country. I made it clear to my parents that I had no intention of returning to the school or under the priest’s care. So the Catholic Church was out of the list of religions I would join to go to heaven. When I returned to my country and told my mother what had happened with my uncle, I considered her to be my best friend and to say the truth I told her all my secrets. She never took me serious to defend her brother thus taking his side since as an African wanted to cover up a relative’s bad behavior she denied the priest’s bad behavior even if she wasn’t an eye witness. My mother never knew that the incident with my uncle affected me and left me disillusioned with the Catholic Church
    At the age of sixteen and for one year I joined the seventh day Adventists where I had several unanswered questions like the Sabbath, which is the standing point of all seventh day Adventists. One day, I went to the Pentecostal church as a visitor and that day’s topic was the Sabbath. I was able to learn that even Jesus the lord, worked on Sabbath and added that he was the lord of the Sabbath. On that day I decided to receive Jesus Christ as my personal savior and became a born again because the preacher made it clear that accepting Jesus would give me peace and answer all my questions, and it seemed that being the lord of the Sabbath, my only way out was to accept him as my personal lord and savior. I served in the Pentecostal church for three years and there I thought I was becoming steady. I joined the band and was becoming a great gospel singer.
    In the Pentecostal Church I learnt about the Holy Spirit. To my surprise I read 1Corinthians 14:26-40 which gives the real order in the house of God. In the verse mentioned above a person should only speak in tongues if he has a translator and speak in his heart to himself and his God if there’s no translator, which is not the case with the born again every one speaks in tongues and loudly causing ciaos, which is not acceptable in the above mentioned verse. In the same verse women are not expected to speak in holy places. This verse strongly points out that if a woman even has a question, she should keep it until she returns home and ask her husband. This made me stop believing in anything at the church. I then stopped going to any church because, this verse steered the confusion in me.
    A deem light of Islam manifests
    Long before this my twin sister, had a classmate who happened to be a Muslim. She joined Islam not seriously but she only wanted to know the reason why they bow down in prayer. The bowing she referred to here was not the respectful one, but the abusive one. In Africa if an old woman wanted to curse you she could stand in front of you and bow facing where you are facing thus showing you her behind that was the concept she had about bowing, and she joined in order to find out why Muslims did that and she planned to become Rasta after leaving Islam. After researching, she decided to remain a Muslim. We were twenty years old then. She had mentioned to me that she was a Muslim and wanted me to join Islam too. I told her never to tell me that, or else I would tell mum, who always allowed us to join any sect excluding Islam, because just like other human beings some Muslims don’t act up to Islamic values. To this, with a valid example, some practice witchcraft including a well known neighbor of ours in Kampala who practically was a traditional healer, a wizard, head of clan and a Muslim. This is the excuse I gave to my sister, when she asked me to join her in Islam. I went on to do research in the bible and discovered very many contradictions to mention but a few; the circumcision, the role of women in church, the most appropriate way of a woman to behave in religious gatherings, the position of Jesus in the bible where some verses say he is the son of God, the son of man, and so on. All this left me in the state of confusion that I cannot explain.
    Every evening was the same, every morning was the same because I had only one prayer and that was ‘’God almighty please guide me’’. Things remained the same for a year, and I changed my lifestyle. During that time I went to no church I didn’t believe in anything I started clubbing for fun, I never prayed in the name of Jesus I always prayed directly to God not through any saint. One day a young boy from Tanzania visited Rwanda, he was 12years of age back then he read the holy Qur’an and explained its meaning he read the bible and sighted deferent verses in the bible. He had God given wisdom of both books (please type in Google sheikh Sharif TZ and you will find his biography). His birth story fascinated me his knowledge did too. After listening to a friend of mine narrating the small boy’s story who is now a young man, I was shaking all over.
    I took my time to think. Is it really true someone could be gifted that way? Shaytwan did his job whispering that is was the work of jinn sent by Muslims since I mentioned above a Muslim neighbor who practiced witchcraft. I will not forget to remind you that Muslims are not allowed to practice any kind of witchcraft in fact Allah will forgive any sin, but the Almighty will not forgive anyone who was involved in any sort of polytheism, black magic, or witchcraft. Then Allah sent me a whisperer who asked my heart ‘’ what if the almighty God has answered your prayer and is showing you the right path and you turn away, will you ever forgive yourself, or say that the Almighty God never answered your prayers? This was indeed the turning point then I was sure that I had no other choice but to become a Muslim, my body was shaking with fear mixed with joy. This is a feeling I cannot explain to anyone only the ones that have been given a chance to experience it understand it. I always feel the same when I read stories of reverts.
    I had decided that I had to become a Muslim at whatever cost. I approached a classmate who told me that I wouldn’t manage Islam but suggested that I should ask another classmate who despised me (I didn’t know she did until she confessed to me after joining Islam) she brushed me off, telling me that with my ruthlessness I would never be able to practice Islam. I insisted and she told me to think about it for 3days. That was a Tuesday and that meant that I would wait until Friday and these three days seemed like years. I went to my twin sister and told her of my intention to join Islam, she was happy but scared that I wouldn’t manage to become a good Muslim. Finally the day came Friday I was asked to have a bath and udhu then off to the school mosque we went. There I pronounce my shahada and there I was a Muslim young girl in the Ramadan of 1998. For two weeks I felt good but the hidjab was not part of my wardrobe, it was Ramadan I met some friends who told me that every creature curses me looking at my dressing cord and that I would go straight to hell if I died like that. It was precisely avoiding hell fire that I decided to join Islam so from then I decided to put on hidjab.

    Some people leave islam shortly after reverting and this is the main purpose of our story. Two weeks after Ramadan I got seriously ill and I was asked to return home for treatment. Due to the five times a day prayer, there was sort of a scar on my forehead. My mother asked me what it was, I felt that since I was in the right path there was no need to lie to her and I told her that I had become a Muslim. She was both shocked and annoyed with me and told me to go and tell Muslims to take me to the hospital. I returned to school, not treated and I spent two other weeks in the sickbay. The school doctor asked permission for me to go home for treatment once again and asked my friends to accompany me home. I was very badly ill in that I spent 3days in hospital. During my stay in the hospital, my 12years old sister stayed with me for the fear that I might try to revert the older ones.
    Three days after my release from the hospital, my mother asked me to renounce Islam, I refused and she got an electric radio wire and started beating me, forcing me to renounce Islam and I did not. As if beating was not enough, she got the wire and tied it around my neck chocking me claiming that she had the right to end my life since she brought me to life. Here a thought came to my mind and I had to lie to save my life since she seemed serious. I told her that I would renounce Islam just to get a tiny chance to get away from her. She accepted and told me to do it in writing I asked for a pen and paper, started writing and another thought came I told her to go to work and by the time she would come home she would find the letter ready. The chance is that she did not know what was on my mind, so she accepted. The moment they stepped out of the house I also left home and went back to school. That is when our parents found out that my twin sister had reverted to Islam a year and a half before me.
    From then without going into details we were disowned, beaten and abused our names at home changed to Taliban. After being driven away from home, we lived in a mosque where livelihood was at the mercy of Allah and indeed Allah Gives whom HE wills. We went without food at times but the harder our friends and relatives became on us the stronger out faith became and indeed if we had faith as big as a millet seed we would be fed like birds which don’t own any grain field but at the end of the day they are fed, satisfied and they carry some food for their young ones. Fortunately with Allah’s grace we were able to finish secondary school. After secondary school, life took another turn the mosque where we lived was going to be shifted to another place which was much smaller than the previous one. We thus had to look for another place to live in. My twin sister decided to get married to her revert boyfriend in order to get a roof over our heads. Even after the marriage, on which no other relative apart from the new family {Muslims} was present, life was harder because, Allah continued to test us. The husband of my twin sister lost his job and we were back to where we started with a lot of patience and prayer, Allah has changed all that. They are still happily married and Allah blessed then with a baby girl in 2007
    I’m saying all this to give courage to new Muslims. Don’t mind about whatever one may say to you or do to you. I later decided to go back to school; I managed to convince my parents to take me back to school by the grace of Allah. These were other trying years which also ended at the end of my degree, where I decided to get married. I’m happy married to a Muslim revert and Allah has blessed our marriage with two princesses. To cut the long story short, my twin sister and I have made a big step in life in all aspects of life by the grace of Allah who has been out guide and guardian. The big step we took was accepting that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is HIS last messenger la Illaha ila Allah Muhammad Rasuulu Llahi.

  147. Gambo Says:

    Peace be unto you all.:). Verily being a muslim, is neither my right nor my wisdom, but Allah mercy upon me. May He shower upon us His mercy that will lead us to paradise. Please read this.


  148. sana Says:

    m awestruck by the determination of some of my muslim bros n sis. may Allah help those whu are in need n guide uz olwyz on d straight path

  149. A'eesha BL Says:

    Ma sha Allah, beautiful concept and brave step! May Allah reward you. http://unearthing4deen.wordpress.com is my site.which can help enlightening about islam with the aid of poems and articles. May Allah guide us and increase our ummah in number and in faith. Amin.

  150. hanna Says:

    Hanna says: asalam hi my name is hanna ive been a muslim since i was born i am 13 years old when i was eleven i had a feeling in my heart and i felt that i should cover up so i started wearing long sleeve long pants long shirts and nothing else after a couple of months i had a feeling that i should start to pray so i started and for some reason it was the month of ramadan when i started to pray well i would like to say to those christians or other religions out there and you want to convert to islam please dont quit go to mosques visit sites do anything u can but dont quit i am a muslim but any chance that i get i try to learn more about islam to those who want to convert or is already a muslim i would like to say may allah guide u to the straight path and only the straight path many christians world wide are converting to islam . islam is the fatest growing religion oh i would also like to share something ive been a muslim all my life and lived in america all my life there are people at school ect everywhere that make fun of muslims and say why does your mom were that rag on her head well i have strong faith dont let anyone tell you or try to say that your religion is wrong when it comes to islam you need strong faith i would like to say that i am sooooooooo proud of the stories and writings about people converting to islam i am only 13 and i will always believe in islam in sha allah may allah guide me and everyboby tothe straight path i luv this website very good great

    • villaboy Says:

      u make me happy tear,i am born in islam, remind every sin the
      was i do,if i alone n think all about it i am sad. why? i am cruel my self who rseponeable my body if Allah not forgiftve me,but the key is dont giveup every solat prayer ,in my prayer i submit this doa “ya
      Allah please when die is better 4 me take me not be opposited
      situation amin ya allah. that make me releaf ,cause i am only
      human try to do better n better but i have desire too,i swear no
      ever doing syirik….only Allah is god worship n prayer direct 2
      Allah that is us go.

  151. Majeed Dar Says:

    alhamdulila we are mulims and the word muslim is a unique one with beautiful meaning.it is peace,peace with oneself and with the universe.what-else than this we want in this world.Quran says that message of Allaha hear those who have wisdom.you are of-course one among them.let you keep on studying Quran and you will find gems of wisdom in it.At the very begning Quran says that it is a guidance for those who are muteqeen(Fi hee hudal lil mutaqeen).i pray for your steadfastness and seeking solace from the virtues of islam.Ammeen

  152. navish Says:

    Great work..really excellent. JAZAKALLAH u KHAIR un KASEER.

  153. ana abdullah Says:

    I am so proud to be a Muslim.
    I LOVE ALLAH S.W.T & MUHAMMAD S.A.W more than everything in this world.
    Ya ALLAH, guide my steps don’t let me go astray…

  154. Musa yahaya Says:

    Thank you all for job well done. May Allah grant your wishes and success in whatever good you do.

  155. Noor Says:

    Subhan Allah. I know that people convert to Islam annually, but I didn’t know that it was that much! Allah yethabet’hom w ythabt’na enshallah. Barak Allah fek.

  156. Mohammad Khattabie Says:

    I thank those who working in the site
    And wish ” Allah” to bless them and make their work in the balance of their good deeds .
    They publish the message of Islam in a realistic and rational way
    and maybe, the West can be comprehend the Islam in this way more than another .

  157. Mohd. Rihan Ali Says:

    Assalamu Alaykum,

    This blog is very informative, masha-allah! May allah bless you for the initiative you have taken.

    I am a revert and your blog seems to be really helpful to me. Infact, I started a similar blog with the objective of motivating people by telling them more about Islam. You can have a look here and give your feedback:


    I am just a beginner and a little help from you will help me to improve it futher and make it more informative.

    Allah Hafiz


  158. Celrowich Putinevo Says:

    assalamu alaikum
    at last from dark to light, imvery happy

  159. Ayaan Ahmed Says:

    I was so intrigued by your story Noora! I’m guessing you probably don#t come on this web anymore but I’d just like to ask or anyone else: what makes a good muslim friend? Noora you must have had a true muslim friend who helped guide you on the right path. Thank you all and may Allah grant us paradise fardous for us all and forgive our sins, inshalla.

  160. md.jilal Says:

    asalam u alikhum I just came to know about this website its good work may allha bless u aabudantly

  161. Mohd. Rihan Ali Says:

    Assalamu Alaykum,

    This blog is very informative, masha-allah! May allah bless you for the initiative you have taken.

    I am a revert and your blog seems to be really helpful to me. Infact, I started a similar blog with the objective of motivating people by telling them more about Islam. You can have a look here and give your feedback:


    I am just a beginner and a little help from you will help me to improve it futher and make it more informative.

    Allah Hafiz


    • Shahmuzir Says:

      wa`alaikumussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh…

      Alhamdulillah. I am very happy to hear that you are a Muslim, reverted to Islam from Hinduism. May ALLAH guide you and reward you with HIS blessings and Jannah for all the good efforts to become closer to ALLAH, amin…

  162. Mirza Says:

    Assalamualaikum alhamdulila for doing such a nice job. May Allah help you in your efforts.and make u steadfast.ameen.

  163. Mohammed Safee Uddin Says:

    Masha Allah ! im also trying to give message to my friends but i think im not doing it perfectly that they are not understanding. Please pray for this also

  164. nadia Says:

    good blog..very informative..keep it up..good way to spread dakwah..

  165. Firstborns.co.cc Says:

    Ajib! May Allah help us all. More on: firstborns.co.cc

  166. Mohammad D H Says:

    May ALLAH place you and us all in jannat with our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Subhan-Allah your amazing story and steadfast reminds me of those first muslims accepting the dawah of islam from our prophet (peace be upon him) amid opposition and oppression from the ignorant disbelievers. Whom ALLAH guides, none can deceive. ALLAH is merciful and Alamdulliah we are happy to be muslim more than anything else.

    • Shahmuzir Says:

      Indeed my brother. Reading and knowing the stories of reverters make us remembering the early time of Islam during the life of prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The difficulties faced by the newly reverted to Islam make us think of the prophet’s companion during the early da`wah in Makkah. ALLAHU AKBAR!

  167. Syed Akhil Pasha Says:

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    I Syed Akhil Pasha, request you all to pray for me to improve in life.

  168. Muhammad Umar Says:

    I love islam and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and that of Muhammad is his massinger and also a slave to Almighty Allah. May Allah incress your knowlodge Dr. Zakir Nik may Allah protect you from the wicketness of Jinn or mankind where ever you find your self. Dr. Please I need your pray bcose I married last year I want to have a Son as you are contributing to the whole in general.

  169. noor_lemon Says:

    who is the blogger??may i know,,for my presentation of studying..please reply me…=)

  170. Iskrenost Says:

    Awesome website! It’s good to know that someone is spreading the truth about Islam.

    Keep up the good work.

  171. Mubarak Alhassan Says:

    Assalamu alaikum,
    I am muslim brother from islamic city of kano in northern Nigeria studying in university that is under islamic rules. I am honor to let the world know about the progress our religions is having, by getting new muslim reverts throughout nigeria daily…starting from reverends, pastors, young christians and pegans are now turning under the light ISLAM. May ALLAH helps and guides our paths AMEEN.

    Mubarak Al-hassan

    • Shahmuzir Says:

      wa`alaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh…

      ALLAHU AKBAR! I am really glad to hear on the progress of Islamic da`wah from you my brother.
      May ALLAH `Azza wa Jall bless your effort and others too, amin…

  172. rahim yahaya Says:

    may Allah bless you as His follower

  173. Adb-al Maalik (Glenn) Says:

    Assalaam Alaikum
    I was a christian mist of my life but there was always something missing then I converted to. islam and have never felt so complete and happy, all my questions and douubts have been answered by the Quran. It was a struggle for me at first but the someone pointed out, islam is simple its people that make it hard. I have now fully embraced islam and I know now where im heading in life I have a clear and happy outlook.
    Allahu akbar

    Abd-al Maalik

    • Shahmuzir Says:

      wa`alaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh…

      Ma sha ALLAH. I am very happy to hear that you found the answers that you were looking for, in the holy al-Quran. Maybe you can share your experience with others not-yet-Muslim out there, insyaALLAH. Surely, insyaALLAH, it will benefit others and you too…

      May ALLAH guide you, me and all of us, ameen…

  174. Shahid Mahmood Says:

    May ALLAH bless you for good work.

  175. Tayabur Rahman Laskar Says:

    I am an Indian journalist. Read the website. Very noble job.

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  177. Rayan Says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam ,
    May Allah bless you all for the great job you’re doing to enhance our faith and the Hearts of everyone among us . My request is the following: where may I find a Serious site to meet a Rivert Muslim female for marriage preferably from Austarlia or the USA ?
    I am Rayan from Paris , FRANCE
    Thank you all .

    • Tayabur Rahman Laskar Says:

      Assalamu Alaikum
      I pray to Allah, the almighty for a true guidence of Mohd. Rizwan. Islam is the true path for us. May Allah bless you.

    • mdshahzad Says:

      i can help you brother there is a sister from midland usa her name is amber gonzales but she became musim almost 1 month ago she’s two children but she didn’t marry as you know culture of europe but now he left her facebook id ishttps://www.facebook.com/amber.gonzales.31 there you can contact her. Allah hafiz

  178. Mohammed Rizwan Says:


    May Allah bless you for your great job and hard working for this blog. my name is Mohammed Rizwan i converted to muslim four months back i would like share my experience through this blog.
    The name of “Allah” is one and one only god in the world and its a super natural power nobody seen the power of Allah but everyone feels the power of Allah by doing Namaz.

  179. Kachalla Musa Says:

    This is a great collections of believer’s comments and contributions in spreading Islam world wide, may your good efforts be rewarded by Allah SWT with aljannat-firdaus, ameen. Musa Kachalla, Nigeria

  180. Saladin Says:

    Assalamu Alikum
    Its a great work!
    Now a time has come that all the ppl have realized that only islam is the true religion. Only Islam is the straight path towards Allah.But those for whom Allah has not written any reward will persist with their illogical reasons.
    As a muslims it is our duty to convey the message of Allah to everyone in the world..So that we may get Jannah as a reward from our beloved Allah.
    Navid (Pakistan)

  181. idris ali Says:

    At first i congratulate all the new Muslim brothers and sisters who have accepted the best and glorious religion Islam. Because Allah said in the holy Qur’an: ” Islam is the only one accepted religion to Allah”. I think, it is a great success for Islam. because Allah said in holy Qur’an: ” When there comes the Help of Allah. And you see that the people enter Allah’s religion in crowds. So glorify the praises of your Lord, and ask His Forgiveness. Verily, He is the One Who accept the repentance and Who forgives”. So we praise Allah for this and we convey this information to others and we invite people to the best religion Islam. Idris Ali (Bangladesh)

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    i love dis page…….

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    to view an excellent videos


  184. Hussain ismail ahmedh Says:

    Allahu akbar if allah guides anyone no one can misguide him/her and if allah leaves astray anyone no one can guie him/her(quran)

  185. Enie Says:

    Assaalamu’alaykum brother Muzir…Subhanallah, very good your blog not only everybody whos convert but also very informative to all of moslem in the world.
    Salaam, Indonesian moslemah 🙂

  186. Badri abdinasir Says:

    Islam is the key 2 paradise, plz if u want 2 enter paradise be a mustim nw and dn’t wait 2moro

  187. Tayabur Rahman Laskar Says:

    I request all new muslims to read the QURAN regularly. You shall provide you all the answers you are seeking in your life. The QURAN is a divine books revealed to our beloved prophet. Performing Salah 5 times a day lead us nearer to Almighty Allah. Ramdan is month of physical and mental purification.

  188. rahimy Says:

    assalamualaikum to all of you
    to be a good muslim,after converting to Islam please to free youself spending a time with your parent who doesn’t knew what is islam all about,love them theway they love us when we were a child . please do not throw them away. I advise you all not to do so

  189. aneehaz Says:

    i love white converted muslims they are strong with religion

  190. Taalib.com Says:

    It is VERY important that Muslims realize that there is a certain way to study Islaam this especially true for the convert, not just from anywhere and anyone! Here is a guide listing and discussing over 300 books recommended by scholars. May Allaah make us successful learning and practicing Islaam. http://kitaabaqwaal.taalib.com

  191. Musa yahaya Says:

    We have heard comments from new muslim converts/ reverts. Would that inspire you the born muslims ?. . Take heed and do away with irrelevant shackles of this life and be a practical muslim

  192. what is Islam Says:

    aslamu alaikum

    Dear sister
    i didnot see you ever and also dont know where you live, but i beleave that you are a great woman of islam and i red about your efforts and hardwork for islam. I salute you. though i am living very far from you but you are very close to me in my prayers. I can’t share my feeling due to the cause of poor english, but i believe that feelings don’t need words i hope you will be understand what i want to say. Your life story made my faith strong and also make my relation strong with islam.

    May you and your faimly live long.

    Your brother.

  193. What is Islam Says:

    nice blog…it was really helpful.

  194. sami Says:

    assalamo alaikom wa rahmatullahi taala wa barakarato
    dear borthers and sister
    jazakomo-allaho khair aljaza fi-l-donya wa-al-akhira وجزاكم الله جزيل الشكر thank u again i really owe you all ,for all these Effort and i cant Compensation you ,you know dear brothers and sister for a long time im finding about these stories but i didnt succeed, these stories are very useful for Non-Muslims may be allah Guidance them From darkness of astray to light of Faith
    Please pray for me to allah Successful my this function
    وجزاكم الله خير الجزاء

  195. david peters Says:

    when reverting to islam is it lawfull to show the imiaam that u circumsized or is it done verbally?

  196. bagus Says:

    semoga Allah memberkahimu, dan semoga bermanfaat situs ini

  197. Mohammad Says:

    Salam Alikum

    I am a born muslim but i feel very proud of our new brothers and sisters. Is it possible to give out contact details of those to contact them ? or i can leave out my email details for those to be in contact.. i really admire them and hope allah gives them strength and courage to saty devoted.


  198. ATHIF Says:

    Good job, I appreciate u.
    May Allah bless u.

  199. Masud Says:

    This website is only a beginning for them. Hopefully it serves as an opening door into a better understanding about ISLAM. allah help those who are behind this wonderful website . this is one of the most cool web for those who really made their mind to convert to islam this site would encourage those
    who are interested in islam i hope forward…………thanks once again 2 those brothers and sisters who are hosts of this site………..

  200. Mohammad Says:


    You guys make me cry on reading what you go through to accept Islam. I’m born a muslim into a family with over 10 generations of muslims. Alhamdullillah and amy Almighty Allah reward you give us Jannah together, ameen.

  201. AbuDole AdeLabu Says:

    Sebuah blog yang baik dan menarik..
    Mudah2an pembaca bukan islam berminat utk membacanya.

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    it such a Wonderful things to learn, jazakum allah kheer

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    Alhumdulillah all Praise to ALLAH who. Guides whom HE wills. Amazing stories ALLAH HU AKBAR

  204. Mohd Anis Ajmeri Says:

    These is the best work of the world maashaa’alaah.I love islam and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and that of Muhammad is his messenger and also a slave to Almighty Allah. these will help me to strengthen my iman towards Allah. I really hope and pray to Allah please show and guide me.
    i am studding in collage and i am only one muslim in all class, i trying to convey massage of islam to my closure friends,And Alhamdulillah Allah help me for these and there my friends understand properly…….
    Brother i wants Ur suggestion to better convey islam to them. please reply me.
    And Allah may protect Islamic servent Dr. Zakir naik,Brother Imran, and many more….ameen.
    M.Anis Ajmeri(ujjan)

  205. ayat Says:

    all d best 4 ua wonderful job, almighty Allah bless u alws

  206. JuHus Says:

    As Salaam U Alaikim,

    this is so a good blog. Every famous people summurized. This is good also for the new comming muslims let them understand that they are not alone and many took this step. It will help encourage them

  207. Junaid Says:

    Very good site. Please everyone help the Dawa growing. This is the most best work a muslim can do for a fellow human being.

  208. yaasseen Says:

    mashae allah keep going is wonderful work alhamdu li allah , i hope you can try to show some sience miracles in quran is first reason that make people convert

  209. sonia Says:

    actually i was hindu nd nw i am muslim..i got converted 2 islam jus b4 8mnths in saudi.i hv also done umrah during the mnth of ramzan.my problem i want 2 memorise diffrent suraths 4m noble quran but m nt able bcoz i cant read arabic.is there any site dat would help me?

  210. Aysha Says:

    I’m a born muslim. I am so proud of you new converts. It takes strenght and courage to leave a religion you were born with and embrace a new one. May god bless you and bless the person who developed this site. The reason I came to this website is that I’ve been having a personal problem and I kept prayer and giving money to the poor abd orphans and asking my mom and loved ones to pray for me. And now I ask of you all new converts to please pray for me. You are like new borns with no sins. God loves you and brought you to the true path. Please pray for a sister you do not even know who sought your prayers for her.

  211. jameel Says:

    our religionallhamdo li llah is symbol of mercy thats why we look around ourselves several nations become muslim nations allah akbar

  212. Anne-Merete Says:

    I went from hating and constantly criticizing Islam, to study the religion and embrace it. I converted to Islam 2 years ago.
    And i`m blogging about it. I have been on both sides so i know how the haters think and what points its important to tell people about.
    If anyone want to hear my story and follow my blog, feel free to visit

    Salam 🙂

    • Naushad Somji Says:

      @ Sister Anne-Merete:

      Salaam and Greetings of Peace.

      “For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured … Prophet Isa (as) or Messiah Jesus said in Holy Bible, John 12:47.

      Prophet Isa (as) said: “Whoever hasn’t sinned should throw the first stone”

      “Darkness cannot remove darkness only light can do it. Hatred cannot remove hatred, only love and do it” … Martin Luther King Jr.

      Sir Bernard Shaw said: “Islam is the best religion and Muslims are the worst followers”

      Islam is misunderstood in the Western World because of the wrong things its followers do in the name of Divine religion. Most Muslims in present end times do not follow correct Islam; their way of life is more or less same as that of the Non Muslims.

      Prophet Muhammad (as) said:

      “There will come a time upon the people when nothing will remain of Islam except its name and nothing will remain of the Quran except its inscription. Their mosques will be splendidly furnished but destitute of guidance. Their divines will be the worst people under the sky; strife will issue from them and avert to them.”

      Most Muslims have in their ignorance neglected what the Holy Quran which has already been mentioned 25:31: “O my Lord, my people indeed treated this Qur’an as a thing abandoned.”

  213. Ali Says:

    Assalamoalaikum ,

    This is very helpful post for Non-Muslims who want to become a Muslim. keep sharing this kind of information may Allah bless you.

  214. Adeel Qamar Mirza Says:

    I like this kind of sharing and it improves alot for the chances of Islam to be more popular in the world. More Muslims will create more peaceful societies in the world.

  215. Sakoon Islamic counselling Says:

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  216. quranreading Says:

    may Allah reward them all and for give us of our sins keep the good work on

  217. abdallah Says:

    Assalam-alaikum,brodas nd sisters. My name is abdallah,am a nigerian nd a very good muslim….I guess am just trying to say dat I like wat u pple do….shukran lakum,

  218. suriah hj paidar Says:

    Assalamualaikum,all brother and sister over the world.I’m muslim since born,it is easy to understand the consept of islam,logically that we all know everythings created in this world it must be a creater..that is Allah.

  219. mdshahzad Says:

    i’m a muslim . i love islam i know allah love me because i have done a lot of evil things what i haven’t to do but still allah gave me chance for improve myself . how merciful he is! now i am a daee i just want to convince people about islam i feel that all people of other relgion want something ,expect something from their religion but they don’t get it thats why most of them became atheist . but i think we’ve not more need to make them understand through our speechs rather than our deeds.i love all muslim

  220. mohammed aquidin rabiatul qairin (marq) Says:

    Ya Allah.. This is soo beautifully.. Keep up the good job! May Allah always be with you.. 😉

  221. MuQeet Says:

    May Allah put Barakah in your work. Aameen.

  222. Nasa Says:

    Barakallahu fiik, wa yahdina jami’an ila sirothihil mustaqim..

  223. fawadkhan Says:

    i am glad to hear many non muslim converting to Islam. many non muslim read and understand some verses of Quran and they change yourself completely.
    online QURAN explore

  224. Naveed Says:

    Assalam o Alaikum

    Its really heart warming to know that a lot of christians and other are reverting back to Islam, the original Religion.

    I am happy and thank Allah SWT for His Great Kindness.

    Please all new converts, remember me and my family in your prayers.

    Jazakallah minalkhair


  225. Naveed Says:

    Anne Merete

    Assalam o Alaikum

    great to hear that Masha Allah after hating Islam, Allah Showed you the Light. It also depends upon the person to see the light. If one’s intellectual level is high, he / she does not need much time in accepting The Truth of Islam. However, some are shown the Light and True Path By Allah also.

    You mentioned you blogg. How can I find it? Please guide me.

    Jazak Allah.


  226. fazirah Says:


    I love this blog. I’m a muslim born as a muslim…but deep inside me I need to know more about Islam I need more guide and I hope one day I will be a good muslimah. This is the first time I read all the story in this blog…I’m so happy and proud with our muslim friends . First time I feel very peacefull to be in this blog.
    May we all be blessed by Allah. amen

    Fazirah -M’sia

  227. Al-mualim Says:

    Masha’allah 🙂

  228. Nasrullah Says:

    I rely like this side

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    Very Nice!

  231. sakariyau b. Abass Says:

    may you be rewarded for this…i love this site for its great way of propagating islam. Jakallah kairan

  232. Ziaul Haque Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have no words for you, i can only say to you you that are very special for our God “ALLAHA” that you become muslim. Insha Allaha you will get a very big rewards in”AKHRAT”, “The day of Judgement” My duo for you and your family always “May ALLAHA” bless you and all your dreams come true.

    Ziaul Haque

  233. Hasnain Says:

    may they be happy…

  234. nasaei ahmad Says:

    Salam to all bros n sistrs,

    We should strengthen our iman or faith and live a righteous life’ as t Muslims. I think this is one of the prime important to all of us Muslims, besides obeying Allah and His Messenger Prophets Muhammad (pbuh), and keep learning about our ad-deen consistently. Reading Quran constantly on daily basis and perform sunat solahs, sunat fastings and charity/ sadaqah jariah is another things we must accomplish, while we execute our duty/obligation as a Muslim.

    Sometimes we were strayed to ponder a bit, perhaps due to our busy life. But do not forget our final destination – akhirat or life in the Heareafter,the Day of Judgment, especially Yaumul Masyar – which is absolutely eternal, no ending forever !

    Now, do every ones of us always bear in mind and take time to ponder this reality ? As we all know, when asked by a companion who is the most smart people..Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said : ” The ones who always remember his death!” (not the kind of rocket scientists, physicists, professors, etc.. who are also to some extent are “smart”).. no..but anyone who always remember his final destination starting from his death..

    To me this because, Islam put akhirat more significantly, more important than this dunia, the “real life”.

    I just ponder several things sometimes, in order for us to “visualize” the reality about akhirat, afterlife and the unseen things. Remember,
    Islam deals with many many unseens or ghaib thins whic our conscious mind can never imagine, and no scientific tools or laboratory can deal with it!

  235. abdullah Says:


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  236. Anisa Fatima Says:

    Salam, Congratulations on becoming part of a true religion. Almighty Allah (SWT) considers Islam as a best religion and wants every human to follow it. Almighty Allah (SWT) says in Holy Quran:

    “O ye who believe! Come, all of you, into submission (unto Him); and follow not the footsteps of the devil. Lo! he is an open enemy for you.” (2.208)

    Therefore, if one wants to enter into Islam then that person should follow Holy Quran with its complete understanding, which can be obtained from a live Quran tutor online on internet or by means of traditional Quran academies.

  237. Amina Says:

    Thanz fo having мє I’m so happy 2 be part of.
    Muslim website.

  238. Glenn Says:

    As-Salam alaykum

    Brothers and sisters. I became muslim a couple of years back and was happy for a while, i then decided to test my faith by checking out other religions mainly back to Christianity and then Buddhism. But this just made my desire to become a true believer of Allah. I live in Bournemouth and i haven’t been to mosque yet. What i really desire and need Allah willing is find someone to pray with and teach me the true path.


    • vaince Says:

      congrat bro, i m available for any help plz
      Almighty Allah (SWT) says in Holy Quran:

      “O ye who believe! Come, all of you, into submission (unto Him); and follow not the footsteps of the devil. Lo! he is an open enemy for you.” (2.208)

      Therefore, if one wants to enter into Islam then that person should follow Holy Quran with its complete understanding, which can be obtained from a live Quran tutor online on internet or by means of traditional Quran academies.

    • Naushad Somji Says:

      As-Salam alaykum,

      People of all religions worship the same God, only the paths are different. The best path would be to follow pure Islam. The Holy Qur’an is the last and final revelation sent to all of mankind by our creator Allah. It is light and guidance. Correctly following its Divine laws is the solution to all the world problems and end human sufferings. Visit a local mosque. The Imam there will help you with understand deen. Good luck !

      Brother Naushad.

  239. asyshakor Says:

    assalamu alaiku wbt. I’m Asyshakor from Malaysia. I am looking for articles or video about scientists or professors who Converted to Islam after doing research about Islamic worship. If there is anyone who is willing to help me, please send e-mail to : asyshakor@yahoo.com.my

  240. arifin jusoh Says:

    Salam Bro Glenn.

    How great it is, how precious.. if one knows the value of hidayah (guidance). Imagine, only “a few” selected is chosen..you are one among the many!

    Prophet Muhammad was so frustrated when all his efforts to try to bring his uncles Abu Lahab and Abu Talib to Islam failed, at last. How sad he was. And then, Allah sent down His message that hidayah is belons to Him definitely. No one can give hidayah to anyone but Allah.

    Just imagine if we were born from non believers parents. When all those people going to be given hidayah? Where do they go if they die as unbelivers?

    Then..recently we read about Bart Ehrman’s statement about the Bible. (Remember, Ehrman is one of the current leading scholers in Biblica studies!).. What he said (and other commentors said) ?

    CLICK HERE to Purchase.

    Forgery and Counterforgery:
    The Use of Literary Deceit in Early Christian Polemics
    Book Description — “Arguably the most distinctive feature of the early Christian literature,” writes Bart Ehrman, “is the degree to which it was forged.” The Homilies and Recognitions of Clement; Paul’s letters to and from Seneca; Gospels by Peter, Thomas, and Philip; Jesus’ correspondence with Abgar, letters by Peter and Paul in the New Testament–all forgeries. To cite just a few examples.
    Forgery and Counterforgery is the first comprehensive study of early Christian pseudepigrapha ever produced in English. In it, Ehrman argues that ancient critics–pagan, Jewish, and Christian–understood false authorial claims to be a form of literary deceit, and thus forgeries. Ehrman considers the extent of the phenomenon, the “intention” and motivations of ancient Greek, Roman, and Jewish forgers, and reactions to their work once detected. He also assesses the criteria ancient critics applied to expose forgeries and the techniques forgers used to avoid detection. With the wider practices of the ancient world as backdrop, Ehrman then focuses on early Christian polemics, as various Christian authors forged documents in order to lend their ideas a veneer of authority in literary battles waged with pagans, Jews, and, most importantly, with one another in internecine disputes over doctrine and practice. In some instances a forger directed his work against views found in another forgery, creating thereby a “counter-forgery.” Ehrman’s evaluation of polemical forgeries starts with those of the New Testament (nearly half of whose books make a false authorial claim) up through the Pseudo-Ignatian epistles and the Apostolic Constitutions at the end of the fourth century.
    Shining light on an important but overlooked feature of the early Christian world, Forgery and Counterforgery explores the possible motivations of the deceivers who produced these writings, situating their practice within ancient Christian discourses on lying and deceit.

    Editorial Reviews

    “The quality is very high; it is very thorough and well-researched. … Ehrman has produced a learned and engaging survey of early Christian controversial literature from the vantage point of authorial identity and rhetorical deceit, asking why Christians lied about themselves when writing polemical works and why scholars are so resistant to acknowledging their forgeries. … There is no other major scholarly study in English that tackles this subject with such thoroughness, and its usefulness to students of early Christian literature will be undeniable. … There is no comparable work in English on forgery. … I also think general readers will pick it up and find it fascinating. … The prose is solid, the arguments are clear and effective, and the significance of this study is undeniable.”
    –Andrew Jacobs, Associate Professor and Chair of Religious Studies at Scripps College
    “The book is excellent. It will make an enormous impact on the field of New Testament studies and also studies of pseudepigraphy in the ancient world. … The book will make a huge contribution to the field. There are comparable books in German, but this one goes beyond them all. And it will be the only thing of its kind in English.”
    –Dale B. Martin, Professor of Religious Studies at Yale University

    Oh my God! Billions of people keep believing in the Bible until today but..

    Regarding study further about Islam, the best is you meet any Muslim and learn more about the simples concepts and how to perform prayes etc. If you come to ANY mesjid, I’m sure you’ll meet them!

    Wasallam, congratulations!

  241. nasaei ahmad Says:

    Salam Bro Glenn, and all,

    Please find time to come to mosques, any mosque. I’m sure you’ll find someone who is “ever ready” and willing to guide you learn more and strengthen your iman. In fact, everyones including born- Muslims like myself must come to the mesjid regularly for ibadah-prayers, dua’, guidance, tranquility, etc which are very important for us indeed.

    No problem learning thru internet, reading etc, but the best is to learn with a qualified teacher, imam or ulamak

  242. Faiz Says:

    Salam… check this blog for beautiful Islamic pictures, artworks, quotes and lot more!


  243. hairudin Says:

    Continue doing good deeds. Rasulullah @ Prophet Muhammad told to continuously doing dakwah to all mankind. All mankinds needs to be guide to the right patch to heaven. May Allah give us taufik to save all mankinds from hell and syaitan. Ameenn..

  244. Muslim Says:

    Advice me adopt islam to become modest Muslim

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    I realise now I am a bad person I must pay.

    If you could post me done advice
    Lee Douglas
    7 Farm Close
    EX2 5PG

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