Girl Becomes A Muslim

“Girl Becomes A Muslim”

I was raised to believe in God from childhood. I attended church nearly every Sunday, went to Bible school, and sang in the choir. Yet religion was never a really big part of my life.

There were times when I thought myself close to God. I often prayed to him for guidance and strength in times of despair or for a wish in times of want. But I soon realized that this feeling of closeness soon evaporated when I was no longer begging God for something. I realized that I even though I believed, I lacked faith.

World Was A “Game”
I perceived the world to be a game in which God indulged in from time to time. He inspired people to write a Bible and somehow people were able to find faith within this Bible.

As I grew older and became more aware of the world, I believed more in God. I believed that there had to be a God to bring some order to the chaotic world. If there were no God, I believed the world would have ended in utter anarchy thousands of years ago. It was comfort to me to believe there was a supernatural force guiding and protecting man.

Children Take Religion From Parents
Children usually assume their religion from parents. I was no different. At the age of 12, I began to give in depth thinking to my spirituality. I realized there was a void in my life where a faith should be. Whenever I was in need or despair, I simply prayed to someone called Lord. But who was this Lord truly? I once asked my mother who to pray to, Jesus or God. Believing my mother to be right, I prayed to Jesus and to him I attributed all good things.

I have heard that religion cannot be argued. My friends and I tried to do this many times. I often had debates with my friends about Protestantism, Catholicism, and Judaism. Through these debates I searched within myself more and more and decided I should do something about my emptiness. And so at the age of 13, I began my search for truth.

Humankind is always in constant pursuit of knowledge or the truth. My search for truth could not be deemed as an active pursuit of knowledge. I continued having the debates, and I read the Bible more. But it did not really extend from this. During this period of time my mother took notice of my behavior and from then on I have been in a “religious phase.” My behavior was far from a phase. I simply shared my newly gained knowledge with my family. I learned about the beliefs, practices, and doctrines within Christianity and minimal beliefs and practices within Judaism.

A few months within my search I realized that if I believe in Christianity I believed myself to be condemned to Hell. Not even considering the sins of my past, I was on a “one way road to Hell” as southern ministers tend to say. I could not believe all the teachings within Christianity. However, I did try.

Call to “salvation?”
I can remember many times being in church and fighting with myself during the Call to Discipleship. I was told that by simply confessing Jesus to be my Lord and Savior I would be guaranteed eternal life in Heaven. I never did walk down the aisle to the pastor’s outstretched hands, and my reluctance even increased my fears of heading for Hell. During this time I was at unease. I often had alarming nightmares, and I felt very alone in the world.

But not only did I lack belief but I had many questions that I posed to every knowledgeable Christian I could find and never really did receive a satisfactory answer. I was simply told things that confused me even more. I was told that I am trying to put logic to God and if I had faith I could simply believe and go to Heaven. Well, that was the problem: I did not have faith. I did not believe.

Questioning Belief
I did not really believe in anything. I did believe there was a God and that Jesus was his son sent to save humankind. That was it. My questions and reasoning did, however, exceed my beliefs.

The questions went on and on. My perplexity increased. My uncertainty increased. For fifteen years I had blindly followed a faith simply because it was the faith of my parents.

“Muslim – Christian Dialog”
Something happened in my life in which the little faith I did have decreased to all but nothing. My search came to a stop. I no longer searched within myself, the Bible. or church. I had given up for a while. I was a very bitter parson until one day a friend gave me a book. It was called “The Muslim-Christian Dialogue.”

I took the book and read it. I am ashamed to say that during my searching never did I once consider another religion. Christianity was all I knew, and I never thought about leaving it. My knowledge of Islam was very minimal. In fact, it was mainly filled with misconception and stereotypes. The book surprised me. I found that I was not the only one who believed there was a simply a God. I asked for more books. I received them as well as pamphlets.

Learned Islam
I learned about Islam from an intellectual aspect. I had a close friend who was Muslim and I often asked her questions about the practices. Never did I once consider Islam as my faith. Many things about Islam alienated me.

After a couple months of reading the month of Ramadan began. Every Friday I could I joined the local Muslim community for the breaking of the fast and the reciting of the Quran. I posed questions that I may have come across to the Muslim girls. I was in awe at how someone could have so much certainty in what they believed and followed. I felt myself drawn to the religion that alienated me.

Islam Brought Comfort & Reminder
Having believed for so long that I was alone, Islam did comfort me in many ways. Islam was brought as a reminder to the world. It was brought to lead the people back to the right path.

Beliefs were not the only thing important to me. I wanted a discipline to pattern my life by. I did not just want to believe someone was my savior and through this I held the ticket to Heaven. I wanted to know how to act to receive the approval of God. I wanted a closeness to God. I wanted to be God-conscious. Most of all I wanted a chance for heaven. I began to feel that Christianity did not give this to me, but Islam did.

I continued learning more. I went to the Eid celebration and Jummah and weekly classes with my friends.

Through religion one receives peace of mind. A calmness about them. This I had off and on for about three years. During the off times I was more susceptible to the temptations of Satan. In early February of 1997 I came to the realization that Islam was right and true. However, I did not want to make any hasty decisions. I did decide to wait.

Satan Tempted
Within this duration the temptations of Satan increased. I can recollect two dreams in which he was a presence. Satan was calling me to him. After I awoke from these nightmares I found solace in Islam. I found myself repeating the Shahadah. These dreams almost made me change my mind. I confided them in my Muslim friend. She suggested that maybe Satan was there to lead me from the truth. I never thought of it that way.

On March 19, 1997 after returning from a weekly class, I recited the Shahadah to myself. Then on March 26, I recited it before witnesses and became an official Muslim.

Became Muslim
I cannot express the joy I felt. I cannot express the weight that was lifted from my shoulders. I had finally received my peace of mind.

It has been about five months since I recited the Shahadah. Islam has made me a better person. I am stronger now and understand things more. My life has changed significantly. I now have purpose. My purpose is to prove myself worthy of eternal life in Jennah. I have my long sought after faith. Religion is a part of me all the time. I am striving everyday to become the best Muslim I can be.

People are often amazed at how a fifteen year old can make such an important decision in life. I am grateful that Allah blessed me with my state of mind that I was able to find it so young.

Striving to Be A Good Muslim – In Non-Muslim Society
It is hard to be a good Muslim in a Christian dominated society. Living with a Christian family is even harder. However, I do not try to get discouraged. I do not wish to dwell on my present predicament, but I believe that my jihad is simply making me stronger. Someone once told me that I am better off than some people who were born into Islam, in that I had to find, experience, and realize the greatness and mercy of Allah. I have acquired the reasoning that seventy years of life on earth is nothing compared to eternal life in Paradise.

I must admit that I lack the aptitude to express the greatness, mercy, and glory of Allah. I hope my account helped others who may feel the way I felt or struggle the way I struggled.

As salamu alaykum wa rahmatulah wa barakatuh,

Natassia M. Kelly


31 Responses to “Girl Becomes A Muslim”

  1. Dhiya Batrisyia Says:

    Assalamualikum sister..i am so happy for u.I myself just revert to Islam on 12th April 2007…i was a hindu before this…May Allah always guide us and bless us through the right Islam way of life… salam.

  2. shahmuzir Says:

    wa alaikumus salam…

    Alhamdulillah, may ALLAH subhanahu wata’ala guide you and your family (with hidayah & taufiq) in practicing the true ISLAMIC teaching based on the al-Quran and as-Sunnah, amin.

    Brother in ISLAM.

  3. bader masalaha Says:

    asalam alaycom
    im happy 4 u sister, alhamdo lillah. u and me were guided in the same year. even though i was born as a muslim in an islamic socity, we were called moslims bt we werent in deed, in that year i tasted the meaning of Allahu Akbar… i got the fact that the power of Allah is more great than our ability to imagine it,, then Alhamdu lillah i started my real retern to islam , i mean i started to practice islam in my life (to pray and to direct my dreams to go on with the task we were born to fulfill in this world) may Allah accept me and u and guide us all the people all over the world , ameen.

  4. asif ali Says:

    assalmualikum ,sister it feels great to hear that u have finally found the right path .and i pray to allah that u dont get distrackted from islam.and may u have a great life and u have the strenght to over come the fears(amin)

  5. raIHaN Says:


    May God bless U all!..
    I also feel happy with u all..but there’s a bit jelousy..
    I was born in muslims family..And will never get the benefits from God as what u all get..Bcoz prophet Muhammad says “every new convert muslims are just like a new baby born that has no sin even like the atom”..

    May God guide me and u all to the true path of Illahi..


  6. kalermerah Says:

    Happy for both of u Natassia & Dhiya….Just follow Al-Quran & our Prophet’s Sunnah and we will safe….

  7. ahlam qerqez Says:

    Just reading this made me feel so happy for you! I’m also a fourteen year old, and deeply interested in Islam! Like you said, it’s a comforting thought, that is impossible to explain! I’m glad that my religion has been passed on to people like you, since all we see on the news is Muslims killing this and that, people have a negative thought about Islam! No one really came up to other people and told them what Islam really is, no one wants the truth to be spread, because they know they are wrong, and all they want is to rule themselves, and not let this beautiful religion and God help them and bless them. I hope someday these people seek for the truth, and know what Islam really is, because it’s more than you think.

  8. mohamad Says:

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    أنا محمد من سوريا أرغب في التعرف عليكم أكثر

  9. afaz Says:

    as salam………. sister i m really really very happy for you and would request you to spread the message

  10. tyina Says:

    could you please help me and guide me i am wanting to become muslim

    • learner Says:

      salam tyina,
      good to hear that you wish to learn more about islam, i live in india, i m a girl, i would love to help you if you could post a medium of contact to you.
      salam , your sister.

  11. sallu Says:

    salaam valakum
    Dear brothers & sisters it is nice interesting site, where we see the beautiful stories of new muslims how they enter to islam. I request all muslims to follow as our prophet Muhammed(pbuh) lead his life. So seeing us other non muslim brother know wt islam is.
    May Allah guide us all muslim to follow straight path.

  12. sallu Says:

    Assalaam walai kum
    Going through all this pages where my brother & sisters discribe their beautiful stories how they reverted back to islam, i got very excited, being me a muslim i dnt knw much abt islam, but reading this makes now inclinced to the true religion Islam. May Allah guide all to straight path. & congrats to my sister & brother to coming in fold of Islam

  13. Farooq Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters,

    It was really an interesting story. And too good for the Muslims to seek lessons that this is the foremost responsibility that is on our shoulders. But May Allah give us hidayah, we guys are not at all indulge in this act. And as a result we can see the position of muslims around the Globe.

    As per Prophet Muhammad(SAW), If you tried to spread the message of Allah and by your dawah even a person reverts to his natural religion, then it will become certain for you to enter jannah.

    Our main goal of life should be Dawat.

    And for sure we will find the huge success in ourselves and around the globe too.

    Please pray for me and for all to shoulder this blessed sunnah of Prophet SAW.

    Allah Hafiz.

  14. JararTheMuslim Says:

    You are extremely lucky that you considered Islam!
    If only famous hollywood celebrities embraced islam so that Islamic Awareness is increased

  15. Mohd Hasmizal Says:


    Thanks Allah that we are part of his relegion. Sometimes, convert are better than inheritence muslim. But, one thing for sure, Allah don’t judge us on our skin or language or how long we been in Islam, but we’ll be judge on our action and intention.


    Mohd Hasmizal

  16. atee Says:

    Assalam o Alaikum! I want to marry a women converted to islam.Lead me to one if you know.

  17. Ramlan Says:

    Assalamualaikum Sister,

    I can feel right away that you have been so earnest, honest, and truthful along your way in the search for Allah’s guidance. You didn’t let your limited understanding of Islam nor your Christian upbringing prejudice your desire to seek nothing but the truth. Alhamdulillah, those who genuinely ask for divine guidance will be rightly guided.

    As for you Sister, welcome to the fold of Islam. I am very happy for you! Continue to spread this faith in Islam and Allah among your family members and close friends. If Allah so wills, they may open up their hearts to Islam. There is absolutely no compulsion in religion ! Wassalam.

  18. Mohamed ishrath Says:

    Alhamdulillah proud to be a muslim
    there is no god but Allah

  19. Julfadli Arif Says:

    Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb
    Welcome in Islam Natassia
    How old are you now, Natassia ?
    from me JulFadli Arif from Indonesia

  20. billa Says:

    Assalamu alaikum. Mashallah! Allah guides who He wills irrespective of age. This is a clear example of that. May He cover the world with your little story and soften the hardened hearts for the love of Islam to settle in. Seeking salvation, inshallah is not a worthless course.

  21. minnah Says:

    Asaalamu alaikum,
    masha-allah sister, what a touching story. i am a born Muslim and am proud of it. your story makes me smile and think of how lucky we are to be Muslim!

  22. nur a'syiqeen Says:


  23. Seyan Hameed, Kadayanallur Says:

    Assalamu Alaikkum, My dear child! Your Hijrath from darkness to light is very interesting!

  24. aaliah Says:

    Maasha Allah!

  25. Muhammad Arif Says:

    my dear daughter. congratulations friom my core of heart. not because of this that you have joind islmic comunity but thuth is that islam is is correct religon and complete code of life. simply it is collections of all goods and negation of all evils.
    i pray that Allah Almighty
    bless you with his and Holly Prophet MUHMMAD PBUH love.

  26. Bari Sobti Says:


  27. Ayub khan Says:

    IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, MOST GRACIOUS,MOST MERCIFUL.Asalam wa elekum .Islam mobarak to my Islamic sister if you need any help call me

  28. Layla Says:

    Assalamualikum! This is an older story but it has truly inspired me. As a 17 year old girl, I am also looking to convert to Islam, insha’Allah. May Allah make it easy on converts such as myself, everywhere. Thank you for the reassurance and inspiration. Alhamdulillah!

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