How Aisha Bhutta Converted her Parents, Family and 30 Friends to Islam

Aisha Bhutta, also known as Debbie Rogers, is serene. She sits on the sofa in big front room of her tenement flat in Cowcaddens, Glasgow. The walls are hung with quotations from the Koran, a special clock to remind the family of prayer times and posters of the Holy City of Mecca. Aisha’s piercing blue eyes sparkle with evangelical zeal, she smiles with radiance only true believers possess. Her face is that of a strong Scots lass – no nonsense, good-humoured – but it is carefully covered with a hijab.

For a good Christian girl to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim is extraordinary enough. But more than that, she has also converted her parents, most of the rest of her family and at least 30 friends and neighbours.

Her family were austere Christians with whom Rogers regularly attended Salvation Army meetings. When all the other teenagers in Britain were kissing their George Michael posters goodnight, Rogers had pictures of Jesus up on her wall. And yet she found that Christianity was not enough; there were too many unanswered questions and she felt dissatisfied with the lack of disciplined structure for her beliefs. “There had to be more for me to obey than just doing prayers when I felt like it.”

Aisha had first seen her future husband, Mohammad Bhutta, when she was 10 and regular customer at the shop, run by his family. She would see him in the back, praying. “There was contentment and peace in what he was doing. He said he was a Muslim. I said: What’s a Muslim?”.

Later with his help she began looking deeper into Islam. By the age of 17, she had read the entire Koran in Arabic. “Everything I read”, she says, “Was making sense.”

She made the decision to convert at16. “When I said the words, it was like a big burden I had been carrying on my shoulders had been thrown off. I felt like a new-born baby.”

Despite her conversion however, Mohammed’s parents were against their marrying. They saw her as a Western woman who would lead their eldest son astray and give the family a bad name; she was, Mohammed’s father believed, “the biggest enemy.”

Nevertheless, the couple married in the local mosque. Aisha wore a dress hand-sewn by Mohammed’s mother and sisters who sneaked into the ceremony against the wishes of his father who refused to attend.

It was his elderly grandmother who paved the way for a bond between the women. She arrived from Pakistan where mixed-race marriages were even more taboo, and insisted on meeting Aisha. She was so impressed by the fact that she had learned the Koran and Punjabi that she convinced the others; slowly, Aisha, now 32, became one of the family.

Aisha’s parents, Michael and Marjory Rogers, though did attend the wedding, were more concerned with the clothes their daughter was now wearing (the traditional shalwaar kameez) and what the neighbours would think. Six years later, Aisha embarked on a mission to convert them and the rest of her family, bar her sister (“I’m still working on her). “My husband and I worked on my mum and dad, telling them about Islam and they saw the changes in me, like I stopped answering back!”

Her mother soon followed in her footsteps. Marjory Rogers changed her name to Sumayyah and became a devout Muslim. “She wore the hijab and did her prayers on time and nothing ever mattered to her except her connections with God.”

Aisha’s father proved a more difficult recruit, so she enlisted the help of her newly converted mother (who has since died of cancer). “My mum and I used to talk to my father about Islam and we were sitting in the sofa in the kitchen one day and he said: “What are the words you say when you become a Muslim?” “Me and my mum just jumped on top of him.” Three years later, Aisha’s brother converted “over the telephone – thanks to BT”, then his wife and children followed, followed by her sister’s son.

It didn’t stop there. Her family converted, Aisha turned her attention to Cowcaddens, with its tightly packed rows of crumbling, gray tenement flats. Every Monday for the past 13 years, Aisha has held classes in Islam for Scottish women. So far she has helped to convert over 30. The women come from a bewildering array of backgrounds. Trudy, a lecturer at the University of Glasgow and a former Catholic, attended Aisha’s classes purely because she was commissioned to carry out some research.

But after six months of classes she converted, deciding that Christianity was riddled with “logical inconsistencies”. “I could tell she was beginning to be affected by the talks”, Aisha says. How could she tell? “I don’t know, it was just a feeling.”

The classes include Muslim girls tempted by Western ideals and needing salvation, practicing Muslim women who want an open forum for discussion denied them at the local male-dominated mosque, and those simply interested in Islam. Aisha welcomes questions. “We cannot expect people blindly to believe.”

Her husband, Mohammad Bhutta, now 41, does not seem so driven to convert Scottish lads to Muslim brothers. He occasionally helps out in the family restaurant, but his main aim in life is to ensure the couple’s five children grow up as Muslims. The eldest, Safia, “nearly 14, Al-Hamdulillah (Praise be to God!)”, is not averse to a spot of recruiting herself. One day she met a woman in the street and carried her shopping, the woman attended Aisha’s classes and is now a Muslim.

“I can honestly say I have never regretted it”, Aisha says of her conversion to Islam. “Every marriage has its ups and downs and sometimes you need something to pull you out of any hardship. But the Prophet said: ‘Every hardship has an ease.’ So when you’re going through a difficult stage, you work for that ease to come.”

Mohammed is more romantic: “I feel we have known each other for centuries and must never part from one another. According to Islam, you are not just partners for life, you can be partners in heaven as well, for ever. Its a beautiful thing, you know.”


34 Responses to “How Aisha Bhutta Converted her Parents, Family and 30 Friends to Islam”

  1. yusuf hanafi lubis Says:

    Assalaamualaikum warahmayullaahi wabaarakat

    Innamaa Amruhuu Idzaa araada syai’an Anyakuulalahuu kun faa ya kuun.
    It is always the will of Allah, may The blessing and guidance keep surrounding you and family in the rest if this short life.


  2. Truelightz Says:

    Salam Alaykum Wa Rahamatullah”may peace and Mercy of Allah be upon you”
    May Allah bless you and your family for spreading the Truth 🙂

    IF anyone needs help or Wants to learn more about Islam !

    Just Go to to

    I will help as much as i can

    Peace be with you all !

  3. waseem Says:

    a good muslim wife in this world is a paradise and think about what she will be after this life.

  4. sarah n ayesha Says:

    a very abetting story 4 muslims n non muslims.
    whose words could be more better than a person who speaks about islam. we hope that Allah too grants us your islamic spirit.

  5. Jack Says:

    alhamdulillah. The light of islam shines brighter and brighter there.

  6. samira Says:

    asallam alaokum,

    ya ukhil islam mayAllah bless and make you the companion of prophet [saw] in jannah firdows, wallahi i tears come to my eyes when i read wonderful stories,my husband family are christians and he is the only one muslim bt alahmdulillah they are good to us so inshAllah i pray that one day they wil see the beauty of islam, amee n ya rabb

  7. Al Muslim Says:

    Most christians dont believe in God. Sounds strange, but true. Because if you do indeed believe in God then he will definately guide you towards Islam. Allah says in the Holy Quran: “He who believes in Allah, He will guide him” Then in another verse Allah says: When Allah intends to guide a person, He opens up Islam to him”. So just remember, when you were christian you actually did truely believe in Allah. Allah saw the belief in your heart and then he guided you towards Islam.

  8. Assiya Says:

    MaashAllah, I pray Allah will guide my family too. I’m so sad about it, if they would open the door a bit it would be easier to give them dawa, maybe I’m too soft, too far from home… then it is Allah who guides whom He wills. May Allah guide us all. Life is short and the consequences grave.

  9. nasirudeen ladan Says:

    assalamu alaikum,i am glad and impressed when i hear that westener are understanding the light of islam,may allah make those that are not understanding islam to understand the religion of islam amen.jazakallahu khairan for your wonderful da’awa.from Nasirudeen Ladan katsina state nigeria

  10. Faisal Says:

    Assalamualaikum, western conversion stories never fails to amaze me. But this one leaves me speechless!

    Here i am being raised a Muslim, in a Muslim country (Malaysia), and my non-Muslim friends showed the least of interest of becoming one.

    JazakAllah Khair

    • shahmuzir Says:

      wa`alaikumussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh…
      During the day of Prophet Muhammad sallAllahu `alaihi wa sallam, many non-believers revert to ISLAM just by looking at prophet’s behaviour. They truly amazed and attracted with the Prophet’s way of life and the values that he brings with him.
      Perhaps, maybe we can take this as a lesson, by practicing all the teachings that the Prophet Muhammad sallAllahu `alaihi wa sallam has taught us. InsyaALLAH, the image of Islam will be better potrayed if we, Muslims practice all of them… (The teachings in al-Qur’an and as-Sunnah). 🙂

  11. Rohan Says:

    Assalamualaikum wrb what a nice story I wish my mother and father would convert to Islam inshAllah.

    • shahmuzir Says:

      wa`alaikumussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh…
      May ALLAH give HIS hidayah to your mother & father, and accept ISLAM as their religion and the way of life, amin…

    • Hannatu Says:

      if you truly practise the sunnah of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and the teachings in the Holy Qurán, you will convince them to be converted, insha Allah!

  12. Hannatu Says:

    Aisha Bhutta has been realy brave. converting over 30 people to islam is more than a life time achievement. i can’t help but wonder at your reward on the Day of Judgment. May we have the courage to do same and much more, ameen.

  13. Sadia Says:

    Assalam O alikum

    Mashallah such a beautiful story. and how lucky you are to convert so many!

    and how i wish i will be able to convert atleast one person before i die!

  14. khairi osman Says:

    Assalamualaikum w.b.t
    I fully agree with bro Shahmuzir. We moslems failed to potray ourselves as a true moslem. Too many moslems around the world who are sending the wrong message and impression. Islam is perfect, it’s us who are not.

  15. Sumayiya KABAYIZA Says:

    assalam alaikum warahmatu Llahi wa barakatuh i agree with the above am a muslim revert too, and i have come to realise that behavior can cause one to come to islam I WONDER IF I COULD SHERE MY REVERT STROTY TOO

    • Shahmuzir Says:

      wa`alaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh…

      Sumayiya, congratulation to you too for reverting to ISLAM. We would like to know your revert story too. Please share with us in this comment area.
      May ALLAH guide you and your family with Iman, amin…

  16. Sumayiya KABAYIZA Says:

    amini thank you its along story let me finish writing it please thank you and may Allah continue to guide and protect us from jahanam and shaitwan be happy with our deeds in ramadhan i will post my story soon it involves twins am a twin and we are both female and we are both reverts

  17. Gambo Says:

    Peace be unto you dear sister, i had never seen you, and may be never will i. But i have been hearing about you from the book of Allah.:-) welcome sister, welcome.
    Please click on this and see for yourself where christians are heading..

  18. Qamar Says:

    Alhamdo Lilah
    We should ask the world not to see the Muslims but Islam, the only way to success, Anybody who want success in both the worlds should dispassionately realize what Islam say than do decide for his future and here after, I must pray for all those who utilized their energies in this cause. Allah swt’s special blessings be upon u all.

  19. Aasim Ansari Says:

    masha allah its alll my allah grace and his miracle

  20. Amine Mamode Says:

    When Allah opens someone’s heart towards His religion, no one can stop the person to find and follow Islam. But the greatest obstacle towards attracting more non- Muslims towards Islam remains the “unislamic behaviour” of so-called Muslims, who project a very bad image of Islam. Islam is the religion of total faith in The One and Only God (Allah in Arabic), without any association with whoever and whatever. It is the religion of physical cleanliness as well as cleanliness in thoughts and actions. It favours values like honesty, intergrity, hardwork and generosity. Islam is “La Illaha Illalah”.

    Congratulations to our sister who found truth and is propagating it so efficeintly. I wish some of us, born-Muslims, could learn from her example. May Allah help us all.

  21. Aminu Dahiru Says:

    Our Religion of Islam, the path of truth which does not care of old you have been there but how well you have done. Our sister’s conversion story earned her a position of eminence in the heart of Muslims with special reverence. May Allah rewards her efforts and rewards our appreciation of that effort. Amin.

  22. Al ixlam al sideeq Says:

    May Allah reward u .i wish to get new story next time pls alert me on my email

  23. Naadiah Isaacs Says:

    Assalamu Alaykum
    I am a South African Muslim who reverted to Islam 37 years ago .I am so proud of Aisha Bhutta , That Allah Almighty have granted her to revert her parents and so many people to Islam, i make duah that Allah Almighty grant a her a long and healthy life Insha alaah, i cry each day when i make duah for my parents and non muslim family that Allah Almighty should guide them to Islam before they leave the duniyaah Ameen Insha Allah.Aisha my beloved muslim Sister rest assured Allah loves you dearly you are really chosen by Allah Almighty go on with the good work my Sister.
    Take care your are an Inspiration to the Ummah.
    Wa Salaam

  24. Naadiah Isaacs Says:

    i love your Website very inspiring.

  25. Yusuf Salahudeen Says:

    my name is Yusuf salahudeen.thanks for putting things like on the internet,its good the reverted muslim.

  26. Basit Suhail Says:

    dear sister aisha bhutta–embracing a new religion especially islam is not an easy job–particularly when the whole world has branded muslims as terrorists–after war on communism—a muslim is the most dangrous animal on the surface of earth–dear aisha-your conversion/journey towards islam is sheerly owing to the command of the Almighty to guide you to paradise –an eternal life after death–Allah/God you and your family–ameen

  27. umu naswiba Says:

    subunallah! my sister i truly admire u! may Allah bless all with the courage to do as u havr done, amin

  28. K.RASHEED Says:

    aysha sister, you work hard in your islamic classes and tell about islam, quran and sunnath to other christian people.

  29. Wahid Says:

    MasyaAllah….you have done the task of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)….by spreading Islam to others….a task that not many muslims could do…..but you have the courage and strength to achieve those success….May Allah bless your deeds with jannah in the hereafter…..My prayer will always with you…..Alhamdulillah….

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