Australian Woman Converts To Islam

5 Responses to “Australian Woman Converts To Islam”

  1. zul Says:

    may Allah SWT bless you..
    what a beautiful when you change ‘old fashion’ to ‘hijjab’..
    You will success in this new ‘rahmat’…amiin

  2. Yousuff Says:

    Masha allah,
    It is very encouraging to know more & more people coming back to Islam which is their ‘Original’ faith.

  3. ayan muhamed ahmed Says:

    wlcome sister as member family in islame

  4. anirban Says:

    islam is the complete cod of life. so many people embrace islam mostly.

  5. Dawa Ummah Says:

    Aminah’s Story. A Revert Sister from England and her family. She explains how she became Muslim as a teenager, how she knows over 50 Muslim revert sisters like herself. The film is set just after the september 11 NYC terrorist attacks, and shows the family starting out on their journey to make Hijrah to Yemen.

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