British Catholic Priest Converted To ISLAM

8 Responses to “British Catholic Priest Converted To ISLAM”

  1. Syah515 Says:


  2. shahmuzir Says:

    wa alaikumus salam…

    Thanks for visiting this website. Please fwd to our not-yet-muslim friends, so that they may enjoy the goodness of IMAN and ISLAM, insyaALLAH, amin.

  3. Fatin Says:

    Thanks for that information i really appreciate it coz i’m a ‘mualaf’ too and i’m happy to know that there is a people outside malaysia convert to Islam But why…why…in malaysia there so many people want to LEAVE Islam…it such a waste they must be proud born in ISLAM

    • iqqhuan Says:

      Hi Fatin,
      It is because they were not thought the true teaching of Islam . And I’m a Mualaf too. The way I see it .In Malaysia there were an elemant of force and there no freedom of religuion. Beside , we has been “tune” with colonial mentality by the people in power.But now with some states are under the control of opposition .You could see there are some action been done to correct the perspective of Islam.

      • shahmuzir Says:

        Congratulation! I am happy to hear that you have ‘come back’ or revert to ISLAM 🙂

        Me too a Malaysian. Just want to give a feedback on your comment. There is no element of force. Please do not throw a dangerous statement like this. No one being forced to become a muslim.

        InsyaALLAH, with the spirit of ISLAM, we will make our place a better place to live for all. Because ISLAM is the life system that promotes peace and harmony.

        Together we as individual, refresh and back to the true teaching of ISLAM. Refer to the main source, al-Quran and as-Sunnah. If you realize, people around the world start to become interested in ISLAM, when they began studying these main source, al-Quran and as-Sunnah.

        “Al-Islamu ya’lu wala yu’la ‘alaih”

  4. iqqhuan Says:

    Assalamu’alaikum…an excellent story.I also had a blog about a revert ( myself a revert too) but in Bahasa Malaysia .Our national language.

  5. islam and peace Says:

    islam and peace…

    […]British Catholic Priest Converted To ISLAM « We Choose ISLAM[…]…

  6. Algazel Says:

    Assalamualaikum wbt.

    I’m from Malaysia and was born as a muslim. I don not agree with the statement made by brother Iqqhuan. To say that there is an element of force and no freedom in unjustifiable and indeed a very dangerous statement. I would see Malaysia as one progressive muslim country. I travelled a lot around the globe from Mecca to LA to Brussels. What Malaysia as a muslim country achived as of to date is commendable. We have halal hub, Islamic banking, Islamic universities, Islamic radio channel and even dedicated Islamic channel like Tv Al Hijrah, Tabung Haji etc. At the same time, other races are free to practice their religions by holding their religious ceremonies etc. So where is the element of force and non freedom? Even in the so called state rules by the opposition have the highest rate of HIV positive and even drug addicts.
    So please stop blaming eachother and find fault but work together to become a modelled Islamic country. Put aside political ideas and think about our future generation. Keep askin ourself..if Rasulullah saw is here with us. what would we do, how would we react? He must be really sad to see us muslim hating, pointing fingers at each other. Wallahualam.

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