Priests and preachers entering Islam

Priests and preachers entering Islam (Part 1)

Priests and preachers entering Islam (Part 2)

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16 Responses to “Priests and preachers entering Islam”

  1. Valmire Says:

    I loved both videos ..May All-llah bless you for putting them here …This is an amazing story …I hope and pray with all my heart to All-llah to guide all the people and courage them to seek the truth and to accept Islam this wonderful way of life …..

    A selamu alejkum …!!!

  2. Fatin Says:

    I’m very happy coz i choose Islam as my way of life. I convert to Islam in 2000 and later my parents but unfortunately my elder sister and middle brother are still Christian but then we are still Family and of course Happy.

  3. shahmuzir Says:

    Alhamdulillah (praise to ALLAH), for guiding you and your parents into ISLAM. May ALLAH bless your family, insyaALLAH.

    Treat kindly your elder sister and middle brother as what ISLAM has taught you. And together we pray so that your other family members will join you as muslims in the near future, and benefited with the goodness of Iman & Islam, amin.

  4. jallilmalaizie Says:

    Alhamdulillah~PRAISE TO ALLAH
    The growth of Islam in all countries is something to be welcomed,not to be feared.MASYAALLAH

  5. Amine Maaode Says:

    I thank Almighty Allah for guiding more and more people towards His religion, in spite of adverse comments on Islam by those under the influence of Ibliss. Those whom Allah protects, none can hinder.

  6. WhyIslamTrue Says:

    Praise be to Allah (swt) lord of the universe he guide who he wills and astray who he wills ,ı thank Allah (swt) that he has bless and guide who has seek truth and sincere to he is lord,mat Allah Almighty guide those who are open mınd and humble heart

  7. Amine Maaode Says:

    May The Almighty reward you for offering this service to Islam. I’m totally bilingual, English and French. If ever you need any assistance, I’ll always be present, Insha Allah.

  8. yakubu isiya dabai Says:

    Alhamdu lillah may ALLAH (SWT) guide us in all our dead

  9. Faisal Zaheer Says:

    ALLAH is The Greatest…!!
    So inspiring! ALLAH guides whomsoever HE wills! May HE guide us and all those whom we love, and who live on the face of this earth…!!

  10. Amine Maaode Says:

    Allah is everything to a believer. Without Him, we do not exist. He is our Creator, our Provider, our Helper, our Benefactor. May He favour those who need His assistance.

  11. saeed Says:

    May Allah bless us all with His mercy and guid us to the right path

  12. ecokhaouid Says:

    Peace and mercy of God, brethren, seek help and words of the Apostle Alajult Muhammad peace be upon
    Oh God, forgive me and guide me and bless me and grant my

    اللهم اغفر لي واهدني وارزقني وعافني

  13. ecokhaouid Says:

    God proved your religion and the forces of God and your faith Aankm Aaaaaaaamin Amen, O Lord of the Worlds with glory and honor

  14. hussen ahmed Says:

    inshallah ALLAH bless all of you those show true way to the people of who do not true religion islam.

  15. azghari007 Says:

    I loved both videos ..May All-llah

  16. Omar Muktar Says:

    Only God knows what is really in our heart. The more people hated Islam the more people embrace Islam. Allah knows the best.

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