20,000 New Converts Each Year in America – NBC News

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30 Responses to “20,000 New Converts Each Year in America – NBC News”

  1. Zul Says:

    Islam is the fast growing relegion in America..
    Allahu Akbar..Allah! Allah! You;re So Great…
    One day, i will live in America, insya-Allah..

  2. shahmuzir Says:

    Zul, your country (Malaysia) is so much better compared to other muslim or non-muslim countries in the world, in terms of benefit to muslims. Although ISLAM is the fastest growing religion in America or even in the world, muslims are still restricted in practicing their religion as compared to muslims in Malaysia.

    There are always rooms for improvement. InsyaALLAH, with the do’a, effort & togetherness; ISLAM as the ad-din and way of life would be placed in the place where it should be.

    ISLAM is the highest, and no other system is higher than it…

  3. Zul Says:

    Thanks for your advice, shah..

  4. HafizLidin Says:

    alhamdulillah…the umat of nabi Muhammad is increasing…

  5. Yoosuf Says:

    May Allah bless all of you.I salute my all sisters and brothers who have embraced Islam after knowing the reality,truthfulness and purity of the faith of Islam.This is,no doubt a religion of Justice.
    I wish to talk to all newly muslim brothers and sisters to know their stories.
    Allah Hafiz

    • Malik Says:

      I myself wish to intreact with revert brothers nd sisters, there life is nw new born with clearity nd purety may Allah guide them nw straight path nd they r most welcome in brotherhood.

  6. arah Says:

    Opp, Don’t be surpised, it also not eazy to practice Islam in Malaysia.

    You don’t even know sometime there a food which is certifies Halal is not halal and chicken which should be slaughter in the name of Allah was not done properly.

    Because majority are Muslim people take for granted but the business being own by the non muslim

  7. Megawati Mustafa Says:


    As Arah posted here…. the same thing takes a place here in Indonesia, the largest Muslim population on the globe. Islam is unfortunately not state religion as it is in Malaysia. However, being born and raised as Muslim here in predominantly Muslim, it’s really my home to practice/exercise Islam compared to other countries where Muslims reside or live.


    • zamli mohd Says:

      Megawati yes agreed with you Malaysia is a muslim state but unfortunately we still practiced draconian laws not like Acheh

  8. jallilmalaizie Says:

    to arah and zul thx for both comments. its remind me way back in early 80s during that time i was in Texas & OK.It is hard to get hallal chicken/beef.We have to travel far north to get our hallal stuff.Not many muslim around at that time only students from East asia/Mideast.This people help us so much in getting hallal product and to show around with big cars(CADILLACOLDSMOBILE) where the mosque is as to perform jumaa’h/congregational prayers.Thanks to this peoples in helping us…its about 30 years since i left US,suprisingly!!! through goggle map I saw many changes around apartment which i used to stay before.College area has change with more building.empty field is fill with tall buiding and mall.More masjid been build,,mashaallah~alhamdulillah “the last day will not come until ISLAM has entered into all house on earth”…and now it has

  9. Vorstellung eines neuen Autoren | Islamically Incorrect Says:

    […] https://wechooseislam.wordpress.com/2007/07/30/20000-new-converts-each-year-in-america-nbc-news/ […]

  10. mohammad Says:

    please send me and guide me

  11. Saraa Says:

    happy to hear all that
    All praise to Allah

  12. nur asyiqeen Says:

    so interesting. ;))

  13. Yusuf Estes Says:

    Bismillah Rahman Raheem – Salam alaykum, I love your website. Keep up the good work.
    Visit our new TV site http://www.guideUS.TV

  14. Amine Mamode Says:

    I am a Mauritian born Muslim and am proud to say that we are totally free to practise our religion here, Alhamdulillah. I have travelled the world and have noticed that Muslims in UK and US are freer in these countires than they are in so called Muslim countries. I pray Almighty Allah that HE guides leaders of Muslim counties to the pure and simple Islam, with all its original values, as taught by our holy Prophet (pbuh).

  15. hadian Says:

    please infom me for further news

  16. hanizailihaniffmuhammad Says:


  17. Rabiya Basri Says:

    It’s nice to be here , and I am happy to know that so many people can understand that Islam is the only religion which can guide us to paradise ,, anyway, I am shocked to know about Malayesia , wherechicken are not found as Halal, I thought the whole country is served with Halal foods. Well in our Bangladesh , it’s very much easy to have Halal foods and pork is almost not seen , though it’s an over crowded place , people are careful about right and wrong.. It is hard for foreigners who are non muslim to drink alcohol in public or eat pork in Hotel .

  18. Adam T. Abdullahi Says:

    Islam is no doubt the true religion on the face of the universe. Many pple chose to accept islam after their comfirmation but only the wise once comfirm the truth and accept it as it is keeping aside their desire and sentiment, this religion ISLAM is only for people of understanding, will you then not be wise!

  19. Precious Good Says:

    Asalaam Alaykum to all and thank you so much for your kind words of wisdom. I am an American Muslim convert and have a wonderful story to tell about how I found Islam. I am seeking for my message to reach people all over the world. Please check it out and tell a friend Insh’Allah.
    Hope you like!
    Allahu Akbar!!!

  20. hsn4 Says:

    Izaa ja-a nasrullaahi wal fath, wara aytannaasa YADKHULUUNA fii Diinillaahi afwaajaa. (an-Nasr, 1-2)

  21. Yahya Muhammad Ali Says:


    • Amine Mamode Says:

      The real ennemies of Islam are the so-called ” Leaders ” of Muslim countries. Islam teaches honnesty, intrgrity, discipline, hard work and social justice, among other values. The so-called Muslim leaders, who are among the most dishonest and corrupt creatures of the universe, are destroying their countries and their peoples. Muslims are more secure in non-muslim countries than they are in their own. May Almighty Allah wipe the criminal “leaders” off the surface of the earth

  22. Adil Says:

    Al hamdo LI ALLAH

  23. Adnan Kawooya Says:

    Masha ALLAH, nice video and great info about the rise of Islam. Now we should take effort to become thoroughly practicing Muslims, for it’s useless to rejoice because some one else has converted to Islam and is keen in observing its principals as a new Muslim, yet those of us who were born and raised as Muslims don’t bother to put anything into practice. Now let’s check our hearts and try to perfect the mistakes we make in Islam to attain ALLAH’s favours for being practical Muslims.

  24. darmawanteachern Says:


  25. Ibrahim kabiru Says:

    I love this site

  26. nasaei ahmad Says:

    Subhanallah. As we all know, all ‘Abrahamic’ religions and its scriptures (Torah, Bible, Quran) are from the same source – Allah God Almighty. But the latter is the final and for all mankind, not just for the specific group of people or clan of that archaic old times.

    For non Muslims, reading Quran alone by themselves, I guess will not help much even though it is good I guess. Unless if they read it (its transliteration) and at the same time ask the the knoledgible or Muslims scholar as well, is the better. This is because some of the verses are ot that easier to grasp it actual meaning. Yes, some are clear cut, but you need to check again with a learned person if you do not fully understand it – in order to avoid “wrong notions” which sometimes happened.

  27. benny Says:

    Allhamdulillah… May Allah bless America with Islam..

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