Canadian Woman Converts To ISLAM

9 Responses to “Canadian Woman Converts To ISLAM”

  1. Zul Says:

    i’m frm malaysia wish you, “may Allah bless” you all the time…:-)

  2. abdemkader Says:

    Congratulations sister َ Allah accept for you ” your islam ”

    this web sit for lerning arabic

    for help you this my mail :

  3. HANSENHAN Says:

    i am so proud of you that َ Allah accept for you ” your islam ”and hope more people around USA/EUROPE going to ISLAM .
    This is showing that end of the day, one truth will alive.


  4. Hassan Says:

    Proud of you. May Allah bless you all the way to the heaven. If you need any more readings about Islam, Please feel free to email. Again, good luck and be mercy to your parents.

  5. khalid Says:

    what is life going now Iam sure it is pure to one God.

  6. mueza Says:

    may allah bless you . all the best

  7. lovelyrose Says:

    mashallh may allah help you in the future. may allah bless you and protect you inshallah. πŸ˜€

  8. norshiya Says:

    assalamu alaykum ukhti. may ALLAH increase your iman.

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