I Believe In Philosophy of ISLAM!

This brother, Satish from India embraced ISLAM during question&answer session conducted by Bro. Yasir Qadhi.

May ALLAH, The Almighty God guide him to the truth, amin…

3 Responses to “I Believe In Philosophy of ISLAM!”

  1. karthikeyan Says:

    i have heard your words which makes me pleasant but you said a word which i cant understand ” that god allah is one and no worship ” . might i cant understand i kindly request you to explain and educate me .

  2. shahmuzir Says:

    Hi karthikeyan,
    The exact phrase from the video is:

    “I bear witness and testify that there is NO GOD worthy to worship EXCEPT for ALLAH, and I bear witness and testify that Muhammad is HIS Messenger”

    The above phrase is the testimony used to announce/declare the acceptance of ISLAM as his/her religion. Please refer:

    Karthikeyan, I pray to ALLAH for you to embrace ISLAM, amin.

  3. esslam Says:

    God is Allah and allah is the Lord only ..but the translation they did needs some correction…

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