Some Converted Australian Muslim in Australia

Part 1

Part 2

3 Responses to “Some Converted Australian Muslim in Australia”

  1. atin gunawan Says:

    I am very happy more people in the world convert to islam because, it is the right way for life , save in the word until into the paradise.

  2. atin gunawan Says:

    adam and eve first live in the paradise , they gone down into the world by ALLAH SWT, they met near Mecca and then had children and children until now we live , diffrent skin , caltural and so on. we have to come back to the paradise life forever and never die , we eat as we like and have beautiful virgent girl always. ALLAH SWT give Quran through the prophit Muhammad as a massager of ALLAH SWT for all people in the world , ISLAM is the way to go back to the paradise , if you are not, you are going to the HELL . ADAM AS , IBRAHIM AS , MOSES AS , JESUS AS and the last prophit MUHAMMAD SAW , all of them are the massager of ALLAH SWT.. So that all the people in the world have to come back to the paradise life , do not chose the wrong way. (from Atin Gunawan).

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