Former Christian Abdullah DeLancey becomes a Muslim

This is the story of how I found Islam.

My name is Abdullah DeLancey. I am Canadian and I am employed as a Patient Service Worker at the local Hospital. I have been married for almost 20 years and we have 3 wonderful children.

Alhamdulillah. I am a now a Muslim. I wasn’t always a Muslim though.
Previously; I was a Protestant Christian for all of my life. My family brought me up in the Pentecostal Church until I was an adult at which time I moved to a fundamental Independent Baptist Church. As a faithful Christian I was very involved at Church, giving lectures for the Adult Sunday School and other duties. I was eventually elected as the Deacon of the Church. I really wanted to further my dedication to God and decided to pursue a career as a Minister. I was awarded a scholarship to help me start taking a Degree in Divinity. My goal was to be a Pastor of a Church or a Missionary.

However, becoming a Minister would commit me and my whole family to the Church full time for life. So just before attending Bible College, I thought it best to look at Christianity critically and ask some very serious questions about my faith. I questioned the trinity, why God would need a son, and why the human sacrifice of Jesus, as stated in the bible, was needed to provide me with forgiveness. I questioned the Christian belief of how all the righteous people in the Old Testament were “saved” and in heaven if Jesus wasn’t even born yet. I pondered serious questions about Christianity that I had neglected to ask my whole life. The answers I received from Christians on these theological issues “which are the basis of the faith in Christianity” defied all reason and were absolutely beyond any logical thinking. Why would God give us a wonderful brain and then expect us to temporarily stop using it? Because that is what Christianity is asking people to do when they say you just must have faith. That is blind faith.

Realizing that I had always accepted Christianity, with Blind faith for my entire life and never had questioned it was perplexing to me. How could I have not realized this before? I could not find the answers in the Bible. Once I realized that the trinity was a myth and that God is powerful enough to “save” someone without the need for help from a son or anyone or anything else. Things changed. My entire faith in Christianity fell apart. I could no longer believe in Christianity or be a Christian. I left the Church for good and my wife dutifully left with me, as she was having trouble accepting Christianity too.
This was the start of my spiritual journey.

I was now without a Religion but believed in a God. This was a very hard time for me and my family as Christianity was all we had ever known. I had to search for the truth.

I began studying various religions and found them as false one after another. Until, I heard about Islam. Islam!!! What was that? As far as I could remember, I had never known a Muslim and Islam was not heard or spoken of “as a faith” in my part of Canada. Unless, of course, it was news stories talking bad about Islam. For me at that time, Islam was not even a consideration. Not on my religious radar at all.

But then I started to read a little about Islam. Then, I kept reading a little more. Then, I read the Quran. This wonderful revelation of truth has changed my life forever. I immediately started to study ever piece of information pertaining to Islam I could get my hands on. I discovered the nearest Mosque was about 100 miles away from my city. So I promptly loaded the family van and drove my family to this Mosque. On the way, I was very nervous but also very excited at the same time..

I asked myself. Was I even allowed in the Mosque because I wasn’t an Arab or a Muslim ? However after arriving at the Mosque I quickly realized I had nothing to fear. I was greeted by the Imam and the Muslims with a most warm greeting. I found them very nice. Nothing like the bad things the news always said about Muslims. They gave me a book by Ahmed Deedat and assured me I could be a Muslim. I studied all the material on Islam they gave me. I appreciated these books very much because our local library had only 4 books on Islam. After studying I was in shock. How could I have been a Christian for so long and never heard the truth. I now believed in Islam. I knew it and I wanted to convert. I was put in contact with the small Muslim community in my city.

On March 24th 2006 I went to the Mosque. Just before Friday prayer started and with most of the local Muslim Community present as witness. I testified that” La illaha ill Allah, Muhammadur Rasul Allah” “There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. I was now a Muslim. It was the best day of my life. I love Islam and have peace now.

Difficult times have come since I became a Muslim. When people started realizing I was now a Muslim they would shun me or laugh at me, most of our old Christian friends have never talked to us again. My parents have all but disowned me. I love being a Muslim and it doesn’t matter if some of my fellow Canadians think of me as odd for becoming a Muslim. Why? The reason is that I alone, am the one that will have to answer to Allah after my death. Allah is the giver of strength and all mighty Allah has helped me through all the rough times after my conversion to Islam. I have many, many Muslim Brothers now. I have legally changed my first name to Abdullah, which I like very much. I am now the first and only Muslim Chaplain approved to work at the local hospital in my City.
I am a Muslim and I am truly happy. All Thanks be to Allah.

That is how I became a Muslim. Islam is right for you too. Maybe you are not just randomly reading this article by chance. Maybe you already believe Allah is the one and only true God. Do you want to have life and become a Muslim right now. It is a big step.
But the best step you will ever take. Once you have decided that Islam is the truth. The only thing you must do to become a Muslim is truly believe and freely testify that “There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Testify to this truth with me now. Become Muslim and have life.

Abdullah DeLancey founder of

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37 Responses to “Former Christian Abdullah DeLancey becomes a Muslim”

  1. zoor Says:

    alhamdulillah. nice to hear your storey.

  2. Radziah Alhabshi Says:

    Alhamdulillah, you have made the right and genuine choice. Ahlan wa sahlan wa marhaban… welcome on board bro. Abdullah. We fellow Muslims love you lillahi Ta’ala. My regards to your family.

  3. Ken Mickelson Says:

    Forgive me for questioning you, but I don’t believe you were every really a Christian. Did you ever consiously recognize before God that you were a sinner and ask Him to forgive you and ask Jesus to be the leader of your life? As to the logic of Christianity, if there is an almighty God who created all things, then why wouldn’t he make a way to get to heaven that could only be achieved by relying solely on Him? If man could work his way into heaven then there could concievably be people in heaven that don’t even care about God. I’m sure I could go on and on but I won’t. I just ask that you would consider these things, and if you have more questions, find someone other than those you asked before. There are answers out there.

    • ray Says:

      Ken isn’t it time you questioned the myth you have been following for so long.

    • Kabir Says:

      Why don’t u share the answers with us cos nobody seems to know them even the popes, they only want u to believe blindly. My friend open ur eyes and think well don’t let them think for u.

  4. amb Says:

    Peace to everyone out there, I am a muslim, as a muslim, we must believe in one God only, as a muslim we must believe in Jesus (pubh) as a prophet and not as a God or whatever given to him. Previously before Jesus (pubh), no prophets tought their followers to believe there is God beside ALLah. The Quran has given all the true answers. Read and explore the Quran, I already read the book of Christian. TQ Salam all.

  5. anjum Says:

    marshALLAH islam hold strong while truth lasts

  6. Erane Says:

    I’m 15 and i grew up being christian and I’ve seen things happen… have you ever seen something happen right before your eyes that is “proof” that your god is the right god? I have many muslim friends who say I should go with them to the mosque and talk to the people there… I don’t know what to do! I dont want to change my religion because I feel I’m betraying God… I want to walk the right path and not die knowing I’ve been wrong all this time… My friends are so convincing and showed me pieces of the bible that don’t make any sense and that Jesus isn’t Gods son etc etc… I thought about it for a while now, but yet something is telling me not to change.

  7. alizah Says:

    Erane, I don’t deny that God can give you signs of his existence no matter what your religion. Even Hindus believe they get signs that their gods have answered their prayers. but does that necessarily mean that the way of worshipping god is the right way. i’m not questioning your religion or anything i’m just giving an alternate view point.

    you should understand that god is god no matter what. there’s no concept of DIFFERENT gods unless you get into polytheism. the god of judaism, christianity, and islam is the same god. you should just do research into both religions and any others that you feel might be right and see how you feel after that. the thing with christianity that makes me question it the most is the illogical aspects of it. a muslim revert wrote: why would God give us a brain and logic and common sense and then want us to temporarily stop using it? many concepts of christianity are not consistent with out logic based minds. islam is straightforward about everything.

    i think you should put aside the fear that you will be betraying god and just do your research if you feel unsure or convinced by your friends that there might be something wrong with christianity and then just leave it up to god to show you the right way. you have seen proof that god exists and is a part of your life, so just let him guide you in your search. i believe that if you go and try to find the truth with no fear or bias, it will lead you to islam, inshallah (god willing).

    good luck!

  8. alizah Says:

    oh haha, that line about the logic and a brain is from this article =p i’ve been reading a lot of articles tonight. anyway, i think this man’s experience is very similar to the realizations many christians have if they truly commit to believing their religion fully and 100%

  9. igordesu Says:

    “Once I realized that the trinity was a myth and that God is powerful enough to “save” someone without the need for help from a son or anyone or anything else.”

    really? Is the God that you worship still all powerful, completely righteous, *and* completely loving? I won’t debate the trinity with you, but you’ve just contradicted yourself if that’s what you believe.

    God wouldn’t be righteous if he *didn’t* punish sin. The question is not whether he is “powerful enough” to save people. The fact is that you’re not good enough. No one is perfect. Are you good enough?

    I don’t think so. No matter how much fasting you do, how many pilgrimages you make, how many laws you keep, how many times you go to church/mosque, you still have sin. Think of it as a “defilement.” In the sight of an all holy God, how will you get rid of it?

    By his mercy? Well, if he just decided to forget about your sin, he wouldn’t be righteous. Sin MUST be punished. So, I hope you’re prepared to stand before your God one day and explain it away.

    I’m not telling you this to “get up in yo’ face” or anything. I’m telling you this for your own benefit, and because I hope to see you in heaven one day. My prayer is that you don’t ignore “my logic.” Use your brain, and honestly ponder how you will stand before an omniscient, omnipotent, and all-loving God. Remember, it’s not about choosing the correct “religion.” It’s about maintaining the correct relationship with God. Can you do that knowing the difference between your nature and God’s nature?

    • Ramlan Says:

      Ask these questions: why would a merciful God ask for blood from sacrificing a son to forgive all humanity? God must then be very unfair to lay the burden on the Son to die for all humanity’s sins. The son is not even responsible for my sins, your sins, and for everybody’s sins out there! Everyone of us is responsible for our sins and therefore needs forgiveness from God. Jesus doesnt have to die for our sins. The sins of humanity from the time of Adam and Eve till just before jesus haad nothing to do with Jesus’s misdeeds. Jesus was not even born yet. So how can a merciful God take vengeance against Jesus by putting him as the sacrificial lamb? It is totally illogical and doesnt make sense at all. The way Christianity makes reasoning, it is like God is a bloodthirsty tyrant who asks for blood for sacrifice! That doesnt fit with the notion of a merciful, beneficient, loving God. If God wants to forgive any of us, he can do so by his own will. It is independent of blood sacrifice. Do you get it now?

  10. Jessica Delancey Says:

    Hi dad,
    This is Jessy…your daughter.
    I love the article!
    I hope other people will read this and become Muslim also.
    I really hope people will realize that maybe this is the right religion.
    I hope you can become a Muslim teacher.
    To teach and spread the word of Islam.
    I hope it will happen.
    I truly think this is the right religion and i am a Muslim!
    Love your #1 daught

    • ZAS Says:

      Sis Jessica:
      Very encouraging to see how u are applausing his article. Very nice. May almighty Allah take care of you all. Alhamdulillah, we are getting more of you to recommned Islam to others.

    • Mary Says:

      Salamun Alaikum!

      Congratulations to your family and father, Jessy!

      It’s overwhelmingly sweet of you to encourage others and your dad. Allah’s blessings, mercy, and peace be upon you! What do you like the most of Islam? How old are you Jessy?



    • amin Says:

      Whoaaaaaaaa! This daughter-to-father reply really brought a lump up my throat and tears to my eyes! It’s the icing on the cake! Subhanallah! Walhamdulillah! Wala illaha illallahu wallahu akbar!

    • Rajeev Says:

      What a sweet reply from a loving daughter.
      Mr DeLancey is truly blessed.

  11. Karima Boyd Says:

    Brother Abdullah, your wife and children,

    Assalem Alekoum, and may Allah bless all of you in Islam. I also am from Moncton and discovered Islam almost 20 years ago. I have often prayed for others in our area to find Islam. Humdulillah, what a breath of fresh air to hear about your family. May Allah increase your zeal and may others come to know about the simplicity and beauty of the Truth. Your sister in Islam, Karima

  12. Gnama Ibrahim Says:


  13. umer shujaat Says:

    assalam o alaikum brother im so glad that you chose the path of salvation.May Allah bless you and your family and make your faith stronger.Love Allah and His holy prophet Mohammad peace be upon him.

  14. Yan Says:


    I was trembling while reading this, The website was promoted by an Ustaz that given us midday Usrah at our workplace. Only today that I feel to surf it… it is a guidance from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala..

    I’ve been living as muslim my whole life, couldn’t appreaciate much of being a Muslim… astaghfirullah… We have a lot of Muslims in our country and most of them are borned Muslim… but sadly the essence of Islam is becoming less and less … I wish the glory of Islam all over the world….

    My prayer will be with you and your family…

    Yan Yahaya

  15. Ramlan Says:


    Your article is heart moving. Alhamdulillah, Allah’s guidance has come to you and your family. May Allah increase your wisdom and taqwa to serve your community better, until Islam enters every home.

  16. arshiya Says:

    ALhamdulilah this is awesome read..
    but i wonder why people haven’t recognized things even after God guides them …… The bible is s nothing but bunch of ridiculous stories and the concept of incest…how can people not know this and things that cant be explained in words, discrepancies, calculative mistakes, scientific mistakes,and many other things
    still people say its the undisputed word of GOD

  17. kaiser amran Says:

    MashaAllah..what an article!! I could not hold my tears..may Allah bless u nd ur family

  18. Faiza Booysen Says:

    Masha Allah, ur experience is so inspiring, Islam is the only way of life, did ur wife & kids also accept Islam? May Allah SWT reward u, I’m all te way from Cape Town, South Africa, my husband is also a revert 2 Islam, am struggling a bit 4 him 2 fullfil his obligations, e.g. Salaah, jumuah etc, the major fundamentals, I won’t give up, constantly making duaa 4 Allah SWT 2 gude him 2 the siraatul mustaqeem, Ameen, Allah gudes whom HE wills, keep me in ur duaas pls, continue inspiring, Alhamdililah.

  19. nofeesah Says:

    Ma Shaa Allah
    May Allah (swt) guide and make it easier for you

  20. Annisa Nabila Kusuma Wardhani Says:

    Assalamu’alaikum my brother muslim. I am so so happy to read your story. Alhamdullillah.. I’m so happy for you. May Allah always give us that blessing and peace.. Oh and if your wife is becoming a muslim too, don’t forget to tell her to wear heejab. As a muslimah its really important.. Thanks 😉

  21. ibraheem Says:

    Assallam alaikum waramutullah wabarakatuhu ya akhee! Alhamdulillah may. Allah increase our iman. And may Allah keep us on d stright path. And 4 any blvr in Christ died 4 ur sins pls I’d advice u 2 go search 4 knwldg, knwlg is power knwlg is king! It wnt hurt u but being ignorant wnt hlp u! Nd who knows u might rily much regret pls go search 4 truth

  22. Mazharulhaq al-Afghani Says:

    Ma sha Allah , and all the prays be to Allah for the big mecy he give u and bleesed u with the light of Islam , may Allah help u in every single step of ur life and keep u in his protection , I have many regards to u and ur family , as A Muslim I LOVE U FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH

  23. Muhammad Ismail Says:


  24. zainab Says:

    Sallam alaikum, I had a huge smile on my face while readinng ur story because I have been reading τ̣̣ђё Quran nd ALLAH states there that he guides whoever he wills so it Ȋ§ by his will that you and your family have been saved/guided I want Τ̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ say alhamdulilah and congratulations may ALLAH make it easy for you and your family. Everytime I pray I always thank ALLAH for counting me among τ̣̣ђё best of mankind (muslims) because if he wills he could have made me a kafir and covered my heart,ear and eyes but ALHAMDULILAH! Once again I congratulate and welcome you and ur family!!!

  25. nafisa patel Says:

    A very inspiring article. Needs a lot of courage to forsake the religion of your forefathers. Mashallah may Allah swt give you strength and courage to remain steadfast. Alhamdullilah

  26. iba is Says:

    Alhamdullillah.Allah hv given u light.

  27. Amoda abdul fatai Says:

    I relly thank Allah for your life,for discovering the truth and accept islam in that difficult environment.I pray may Allah continue to srengthen u and your Family. Ameen

  28. Wahid Says:

    Alhamdulillah…May Allah blessed your whole family with jannah in the hereafter………My prayer for you to be stronger while facing whatever challenges in difficult situations…….Allah will always with you and family….

  29. Abdullah DeLancey Says:

    Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu.

    Alhamdulillah, To Allah be the glory. I am very thankful that relating my journey to Islam was able to help some people. Over the years I have enjoyed reading the comments on this article. It warms my heart. I make Duáa for you all.

    Spread Islam, Keep the Faith, Do not become weak, seek knowledge about Islam. Pray to Allah Day and Night. Let us all be the Muslims we should be. In this time of the persecution of the Muslims we must stand together. May Allah Subhana Wa Ta Ala guide us all. Ameen.

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