Family Member of 9/11 Converts To ISLAM

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7 Responses to “Family Member of 9/11 Converts To ISLAM”

  1. zaenal Says:

    I am a moslem, 46 years old, government employee and live in Indonesia. I am interested in having friends who convert to Islam. I want to know more about their way to Islam, I hope their experience or way to Islam can increase my “iman” to Allah and make me to learn more deeply about Islam ,especially Holy Qur’an.
    If some one are ready to be my friends to share , I would be happy and thank so much.
    Please email me to :
    Assalamu Allaikum Wr.Wb

  2. akmal Says:

    This make be so glad to read that a familt member of 9/11 embraced islam.

  3. Muhammad Yaqoob Says:

    Assalamoalakum Wr Wb.
    I am Alhamdo Lillah muslim bybirth from Pakistan. Like brother Zaenal I also like to have new muslim friends. Islam is the only relegion thorugh human can have a successful life hereatfer. All th ebooks of allthe relegions have beeen modefied and change BUT this is onlt QURAN which is still same as it came from ALLAH (SWT) and will remain unchanged till the days of Resurrection.
    I congratulate the new muslim for entring in their successful life. I am a plant scientists and working in a Research organization. Wassalam

  4. sharifah Says:

    Salam family member 9/11.
    I am watching your video each of you all, i am realy proud that yr are choose the right religion. you ladies looked so beautifull with yr head cover. mashaallah. allah bless on you. be good muslim and your experience make my iman another step closer to allah. alhamdullah

  5. Muhammed Akhtar Says:

    Alhamdulillah.Sisters May Allah bless you & and your Family.Assalam O Alayqoum Warehmatullah Wabarakatuh.


    sister i feel proud ALLAH select you for paradise


  7. What is Lillah Says:

    Assalamoelikumkum Sister hope you are doing fine. My prays are with you May Allah bless you and your whole family.

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