BABA ALI Telling His Story of Converting To ISLAM

Muslim Convert

Vlog #10: How did you convert to Islam?


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8 Responses to “BABA ALI Telling His Story of Converting To ISLAM”

  1. rustam Says:

    I loved the videos, this is exactly how i feel. I love how you made it funny and then got serious when it needed to be. I glad you have come to Islam,really there is no other religion like it in all of the world. I am also pleased that you were not put off by other so called “wellwishing muslims” Keep making these videos, I will be watching.

  2. Abdul Halim Muhammad Says:

    I fully agree with you on the difference between true Islam and what is being practised by majority of born-muslims. Truly Islam is the most valuable gift and possession. When you were born inside it you tend to become confused between cultural practices and Islamic teachings. Converts discover the beauty of Islam from outside through purposeful objective pursuits whereas most born-muslims tend follow without much questioning.

    Looking forward to your next videos and may Allah reward you for the effort.

  3. frenny Says:

    Dear Baba Ali,
    Thank u so much for the wonderful work you are doing,may Allah bless you abundantly.

    your sister in Islam,

  4. Yousuf Says:

    very interesting brother 🙂 enjoyable and educating in the same time!

  5. al-hassan sYkos Says:


  6. Abu Sana Says:

    i’d like to read it instead of listening pl if u can put it on paper – i’d love it

  7. Lalhashimi Says:

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