Member of the Swiss Political Party that Pushed for Minaret Ban Converts to Islam

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14 Responses to “Member of the Swiss Political Party that Pushed for Minaret Ban Converts to Islam”

  1. Mohammad Says:

    ma sha allah
    Allh bless u

  2. Wan shariff Says:

    if only people in Europe read the Qur’an and judge Islam essentially by what the the Qur’an says, then we will see many more “Daniel Streichs” not only in Switzerland but in the whole of Europe, InshaAllah. To Daniel, be steadfast in Islam, for it is the only religion that is accepted by God. Salam

  3. janoo Says:

    may Allah bless u Mr.daniel .And for anti -minaret team that not allowing construction of minaret would not alter that muslims will stop praying , none of their efforts can stop it ,ISLAM IS FASTEST SPREADING RELEGION IN THE WORLD .

  4. Fazl-ur-Rehman Sheikh Says:

    Thank Allah that He has guided you to the straight path the path of the righteous. I pray to Allah that you stay steadfast and that Allah gives you the strength to face your relatives and your countrymen who might oppose you. I hope that your example opens the door for others to accept the true faith.

  5. Mohammed Adamu Says:

    Assalam Alaikum,
    Daniel Streich, If Allah love you He give you an understanding of the Religion of Islam. This is a great blessing and favour from Almighty Allah to His creatures.May God continue to guard you to work for Islam the only acceptable religion.


  6. Ahmed Says:

    Assalam Alaikum,
    Daniel Streich, you have pushed for Minaret Ban, but by the grace of God almighty you became the walking, talking minaret. Through God’s miracle the thing you had worked so hard to ban was planted in your heart. ….God bless you with Islam, and we the Muslim ummah are more than happy to call you our brother in faith. May God bless you and your family. Amin.

  7. M.A. Memon Says:

    Hi Daniel ! Sehr Gut ! Du hast am bestern gemacht ! Almighty ALLAH bless you. Heartiest Congratulations from Sydney, Australia.

  8. Rony Rahman Says:

    Alhamdulillah. Praise for ALLAH. Only HE can remove the obstacles from heart and make one come to the true path. Our duty is just to aware people about the true way of life not force them into accepting religion. That part is for ALLAH. Congrats to Daniel Streich for taking the right path.

  9. nasiru ladan Says:

    to understand the religion of islam is a great blessing and favour pls accept my congratulation may allah swt make those that misunderstand the religion to understand’assalam your brother in islam nasirudeen Ladan katsina state nigeria.

  10. Tayabur Rahman Laskar Says:

    I think, many people in europe are ignorant about islam.
    Let us take islam to them through internet and other means.

  11. Mubarak Abdulhanan Says:

    al-hamudulillah may almighty Allah protect you from your enemies and give’s you what want here and after.

  12. khan Says:

    Allah will protect ypu from all evels .bad eys.nasrull min allahu wak fathun garib

  13. aroa biain Says:

    و الحمد لله

  14. Irshad Mumbaikar Says:

    Allahu Akbar, May Allah give strength to brother Daniel to overcome the difficulties for a new revert. And may Allah give him peace and good health and may remove all the obstacles coming in between practicing the true faith send by the God Himself to his lovely creation i.e Human being. I Request Brother to Pray for us in his Supplications, JazakAllah khair.

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