Loon, a Famous Rap Artist Found Peace in ISLAM

Interview with The Deen Show (28 minutes) – Must see!

Interview with al-JazeeraEnglish (7 minutes)

5 Responses to “Loon, a Famous Rap Artist Found Peace in ISLAM”

  1. Anis Ahmad Says:

    you have chose the right religion peace upon you, islam is only religion that Allah except hold it until the end of life, peradise that allah promise is wating for you.

  2. fatima Says:

    May Allah protect you and make you firm and raise you nearer to him by increasing your Iman.
    Also wanted to warn fellow muslims to watch out because there are coptic christians who perform magic on muslims to attract them to christianity, check this link for more details regarding the use of magic in christianity:http://www.authorsden.com/categories/article_top.asp?catid=17&id=26362
    May Allah protect all the muslims in the world and improve their conditions and forgive us all.

  3. abdul qadir Says:

    i m to be musim

  4. lawan Says:

    Allah akabar

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