How To Revert To ISLAM?

All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the universe. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Mohammad, His last messenger.

“Some people have a wrong notion that entering into the Islamic fold requires an announcement from the concerned person in the presence of high ranking scholars or shaikhs or reporting this act to courts of justice or other authorities. It is also thought that the act of accepting Islam, should, as a condition, have a certificate issued by the authorities, as evidence to that effect.

We wish to clarify that the whole matter is very easy and that none of these conditions or obligations are required. For Allah, Almighty, is above all comprehension and knows well the secrets of all hearts. Nevertheless, those who are going to adopt Islam as their religion are advised to register themselves as Muslims with the concerned governmental agency, as this procedure may facilitate for them many matters including the possibility of performing Hadj (Pilgrimage) and Umrah.” [1]

To become Muslim, you have to pronounce the Testimony of Faith ‘Shahada’, with sincere faith.

The implication of the Shihada is that you believe that there is only one God, Allah, Who alone deserves to be worshipped. It also implies that you believe in Muhammad, peace be upon him, as the Messenger of God, and you believe in his message. It also means that you believe in all of God’s Prophets, including Jesus, peace be upon him, who is a Messenger of God and NOT divine or son of God.

If you accept this, the only thing that remains for you to become Muslim, is to say the Shahada, while believing in it with your heart word for word as follows:

“I bear witness that there is no God except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”

then repeat this same testimony in Arabic as follows:

“Ash hadu anlla ilaha ilallah, wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan rasul ullah”

Of course faith is not only words but is complemented with action, so upon reciting the Shahada one should begin to learn and uphold his/her duties as a Muslim. The main pillars of Islam as you know are:

The Five Daily Prayers

Annual charity to the poor and needy

Fasting the month of Ramadan

Pilgrimage to Mecca (once in a life time for those who are able)

The next step now after the Shahada is to take a complete shower (bath) with the intention of purifying yourself to be ready for prayers.

For information about learning the prayers and other resources for new Muslims please refer to the New Muslim’s Page

Finally, be sure to contact Islamway team and share with us the great news about your decision to become Muslim. We will be happy to provide you with all the assistance we can inshAllah and put you in touch with other brothers and sisters in your community.

[1] Extract from “HOW TO BECOME A MUSLIM” originally prepared & published by Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance – Riyadh.


32 Responses to “How To Revert To ISLAM?”

  1. Donna Says:

    i am looking to find information and direction….seriously….i have met a man that is Muslim and has shown me that there really is life out there…Now I want to live…to find myself….to find God…I had given up…the thing that impressed me the most is that he said I have to do this for ME….not for him….direct me to the right place please…I want to find an inner peace….

    • Mohammad Says:

      All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the universe. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Mohammad, His last messenger.

      “Some people have a wrong notion that entering into the Islamic fold requires an announcement from the concerned person in the presence of high ranking scholars or shaikhs or reporting this act to courts of justice or other authorities. It is also thought that the act of accepting Islam, should, as a condition, have a certificate issued by the authorities, as evidence to that effect.

      so my sister i will guid to the way to islam

      you may contact me at bin.ahmed24
      or can call +92346-5213413 or send sms on this cell number

  2. shahmuzir Says:


    You may feel the inner peace once you revert to ISLAM. May the Almighty God (ALLAH) guide you through your process in looking information and direction to the ultimate destination of life. Do it for you and ALLAH.

    “Say to those who have disbelieved, if they cease (from disbelief) their past will be forgiven.” Al-Quran 8:38

    We invite you to ISLAM 🙂

    For further information about ISLAM, you may go to:

  3. smahmed Says:

    How to Convert to Islam and Become a Muslim ( with live help chat from experts)

    many thanks

  4. Linda Susan Brown Says:

    how does one know its the right thing to do?

    • me Says:

      Dear Linda… looking at your question I feels like guilty if I do not try to answer you hesitation. So, I’ll try my best…

      Other than believing our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w, in Islam, we also believed in Isa and his mother Maryam, we also believed in Musa (Moses), Adam and Eve as much as you do… (peace be upon them all). That’s what Islam teach to us, all the Muslims.

      Ask ourselves who else can creates the Sun, Moon like the Creator do? So, when Allah the Creator told the ummat that Muhammad is last Prophet… as a true believer to Allah who created us… Allah gives the ummat the guidance Al-Quran to be followed to lead to a successful and peaceful life through the Islamic way of life.

      May be this analogy will ease the understanding… We have a car and we very much depending to our car to ease our life… going to work, meeting family and friends for example… we must be very depending on the manuals or guidance book supplied by the manufacturer on how to take care of our car not to give trouble to us or anybody else.

      So, as Allah who created us. Allah granted us the Al-Quran as the guidance for us to follow to lead to the meaningful life on earth.

      Islam teaches us about peace, love, respect, meaningful life and many other good deeds… it’s just that some followers do not following what the Al-Quran teaches just like some Christians which had lead to the misunderstanding to Islam. People tend to judge Islam by just looking at the people rather understanding about the Islam.

      Hope you can find the truth after all and really happy to invite you to Islam… 🙂

      O Allah, please forgive me if my answer had led to the confusion to those who wants to know You… I am just trying my very best… Amin…

  5. anne daniel Says:

    i don’t know why even though i’m not a muslim i get so excited reading about Islam and get even more excited (like winning a lottery or something) my heart pounds like crazy when i hear other non muslims accepting Islam.

    • shahmuzir Says:

      Hopefully one day, you will even more excited and feel the very special feeling inside your body & soul when you yourself revert to ISLAM, ameen…

    • Naushad Somji Says:

      If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, Never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost� ( Qur’an 3:85).

  6. nur asyiqeen Says:

    salam. syiqeen here. being long time never visit this website. always interesting to spend my time with facebook all the time. suddenly today, my fingers move and type this website. at first i wrote wrong adress. but it show up WE CHOOSE ISLAM. how easy to find. alhamdulillah and subhanallah. there’s new things i found here that i missed before. i am so touched and now, i realised that this is the best place for us to muhasabah ourself to be better person and educate ourself towards good person as muslim. i am born as muslim. but i really proud to who just new convert into Islam that i thought they better than me. Islam is peace and perfect. no hesitate. ALLAHUAKBAR!

  7. Lorna Says:

    Just finished reading most of the comments…Donna im in the exact position you’re in atm but for me it truly is more difficult. I’m 23y.o and well basically my father is a priest for the church of Presbyterians, i’ve known God all my life and Jesus as being his Son okay I’ll just get to the pojnt lol, I feel in my heart Islam is the right religion for me but I know for a fact my family will be so disappointed in me and most probably disown me which saddens me so much. The man im seeing always tries to reassure me that everything will be okay so on and so forth but the truth is he really doesn’t know my family, another reason why adore Islam is the modesty of the women, growing up I’ve always been a person who on a daily basis just concentrates on physical appearance, in short. I would wear the Hijab with pride. I truly can’t wait for that day to come when I feel for a fact that Islam truly is what im destined to follow.

    • labinakirby Says:

      Assalamualikum, I think you’re totally right. keep it up, Lorna! Don’t ever give up. Allah blesses you always 🙂

    • zulaika luvislam Says:

      islam not only role as religions, but as guider for all human. slowly learn islam , try to discovery . may Allah show all of us the true pathway. aminn.

  8. love Allah Says:

    I am learning islam for this ten years, day by day i got many problems therefore my family said you won’t be like this if you do not covert to islam. I need special help especiallny fund to convince my family that my choice is the best.

    • Lorna Says:

      Follow what is in your heart, and what you believe is right.
      Allah loves you more than your family ever could.

    • Naushad Somji Says:

      Try not to be a fanatic Muslim or look down / find faults with your family members who are not Muslims. The best form of dawah of Islam is to become a momin / real believer which should reflect in your noble behavior and good actions / deeds. Make you family members understand that the Holy Qur’an is the final testament sent to all of mankind by God and that by following the Quranic laws you are actually following the true teachings of Prophet Isa or Jesus Christ (peace be upon him). Make them to understand that Jesus Christ or Prophet Isa (as) was and will always remain an integral part of Islam and that even after reverting to Islam you still connected to Prophet Isa or Jesus Christ (peace be upon him).

  9. Abi christian Says:

    Am a newly converted muslim and need support because my parents dont like my idea of converting.thank you.

    • Shahmuzir Says:

      Hi, you may ask some helps from the nearest masjid/mosque and Islamic centres at your place. They shall help you financially and mentally,with ALLAH wills 🙂

  10. Edward Ransome Says:

    Can you PLEASE give me to info a mosque and/or Iman here in Los Angeles. It has been one of THE HARDEST task I have ever had.

  11. Edward Ransome Says:

    Bro Shahmuzir May Allah Bless You

  12. Milagro Says:

    “How To Revert To ISLAM? | We Choose ISLAM” blackout blinds really got me simply
    addicted with ur web site! Idefinitely will wind up being back again a lot more normally.

    Thanks -Jaunita

  13. labinakieby Says:

    Assalamualikum, alhamdulillah. I became moslem since I was born, and I already found this great site! May Allah blesses you, I am sure Allah will repay all of the Author did who has built this site. really wonderful, full of ‘pahala-in Indoneisan hehe’ or reward, May Allah blesses you, keep this site alive, up and up!

  14. sister jessicajessica Says:

    I am a new revert in Northern Michigan and cannot find female role model to help me. I am 46 widowed and remarried and divorce I want to practice islam as female and not feel i have to be married is this true or false? is womans only purpose in islam to be with male? isnt there a way to worship god in islam and stay single I am past child bearing so that is only purpose of relations in marriage correct so why not live single and worship allah? thank you : sister jessica

  15. Shameem Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum wrwb, This is something which I always admire. No doubt the born muslims are fortunate but its more fortunate for the reverts as they actually understand the religion ISLAM. I found this link about reverts very interesting

  16. ayesha zenza Says:

    Asalamu alaikom warahmatulahi wabarakatuh.. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon or precious nabi Muhammad S.A.W.. I am a 21 year old and In a few weeks I’ll be muslim for 4 months..I’m lovin our deen..I jst need more guidance on how to go about studyin our deen.. I already know how 2 read in arabic but still read very slowly..make dua for me So that I can read arabic with ease.. I already memorised 14 surahs.. I wana mark my 1 year as a muslim by knowin da whole quran insha Allah..I would like 2 get conected with more muslim sisters there are still so many questions I wana ask.

  17. Naushad Somji Says:

    In the name of Allah the Almighty, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

    Dear Sister Ayesha Zenza,

    As-salam alaykum, Shalom and Greetings of Peace. May Allah the Loving and Merciful grant you protection, security, mercy, and may He bless you.

    Mind, body and soul is like hardware of a computer whereas pure religion is like a powerful software without virus. Correctly following the Quranic principles leads to soul purity which inturn makes a person pious which makes him or her do good actions / deeds. Worship is 24 / 7 throughout the year. The best form of worship would be to be of good use to others.

    Sufism deal with the inner mystical aspect of all religions including Islam. Since all the Prophets / Auliyas of Allah the Most High have had spiritual mystical experiences, they were all Sufis. It is the religion of the heart because it deals mainly with soul purity. The head of all Sufis world wide is Prophet Isa (as) or Jesus Christ because he is Word and Spirit / Ruh of Allah.

    The Prophet Mohammad (saw) said : “Sharìat is my speech, Tarìqat is my work and Haqìqat is my inspiration. Marìfat is my hidden truth and my mystery.” Anyone who wants to become a perfect Muslim must follow these four basic elements of Islam. In the Holy Koran, we read: The religion of Allah is Islam. Without a doubt, Islam is the complete code of life.

    The mystical expressions of the Qur’anic verses of the Prophet are the direct sources of Sufism. The concepts of nafs (self), zikr (remembrance), ebadat (prayer), morakaba (meditation), miraj (ascension), tajalli (divine illumination), faqr (spiritual poverty), tawhid (Unity of God), fana (annihilation) and baqa (subsistence) are all the basic sources of Sufism.

    Whatever is written of Truth and Benefit is only due to Allah’s Assistance and Guidance, and whatever is written of error is mine. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.

    With love and blessings,

    Naushad Somji.

  18. ayesha zenza Says:

    Wa alaikomu salam warahmatulahi wabarakatuh.. I jst wana thank you for the brief words.. I have learned new arabic words wif meanings..subhana Allah 🙂

  19. amtul rafiq Says:

    i am so happy you are new conrt muslim. i live in england.. e mail not worry god is taking care of you start praying to god

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