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Born & Bred Aussies Who’ve Turned To Islam

May 28, 2012

Why these born and bred Aussies turned to ISLAM?  Let’s hear from them:

Islam Sweeps Through The West. But Why?

June 7, 2009

Part 1

Part 2

Muhammad Aman Hobohn: A Diplomat, Missionary & Social Worker (Germany)

July 17, 2008

Why Do Westeners Embrace ISLAM?  There are various reasons for it.  In the first place, truth always has its force.  The basic tenets of ISLAM are so rational, so natural and so appealing that an honest truth seeker cannot help being impressed by them.  To take, for example, the belief in monotheism.

How it raises the dignity of man and how ite frees us from the grip of superstition!  How naturally it leads to the equality of men, for all have been created by the same God and all are servants of the same Lord.  For the Germans, in particular, the belief in God is a source of inspiration, a source of fearless, courage and a source of the feeling of security.  Then the idea of life after death turns the tables.

Life in this world remains no more the main objective, and [a] great part of human energy is devoted to the betterment of the Hereafter.  The faith in the Day of Judgement automatically spurs a man to give up misdeeds, for good deeds alone can ensure eternal salvation, although the wrong deeds may prosper here for a limited period.  The belief that none can escape the consequences of the judgement of a Just, Impartial and Omniscient Lord makes one think twice beforeone does anything wrong and surely this internal check is more effective than the most efficient police in the world.

Another thing that attracts foreigners to ISLAM is its emphasis on tolerance.  The the daily prayers teach one punctuality and the one month of fasting enables one to exercise self-control over oneself and without doubt punctuality and self-discipline are two of the most important attributes of a good man and a great man.

Now comes teh real achievement of ISLAM.  It is the only ideology which has succeeded in instilling in its followers the spirit of observing the ethical and moral limitations without external compulsion.  For a muslim knows that, wherever he is, he is being observed by God.  This belief keeps him away from sin.  As man is naturally inclined towards goodness, ISLAM also offers peace of mind and heart —and this is what is totally absent from the Western society of today.

I have lived under different systems of life and have had the opportunity of studying various ideologies, but have come to the conclusion that none is as perfect as ISLAM.

Communism has its attractions, so have secular, democracy and Nazism.  But none has got a complete code of a noble life.  Only ISLAM has it, and that is why good men embrace it.

ISLAM is not theoretical; it is practical.  ISLAM is not departmental affair, it means complete submission to the will of God.

From “ISLAM, Our Choice”

–taken from the booklet entitled ‘Priests Embracing ISLAM’ 

Priests and preachers entering Islam

May 6, 2007

Priests and preachers entering Islam (Part 1)

Priests and preachers entering Islam (Part 2)

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